If you really love reading, there is this characteristic that follows you no matter what: you need to organize your books, even while and after you read them. If you're the type of bookworm that loves to buy the books you read and order them on a shelf by color, thickness, genre, then good. I don't have the habit of buying books, I love to only borrow them and read them, so all the books I got on my shelves are a gift to me.

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Now, let's get started. First, I have this notebook that serves me for writing down excerpts from books. I am going to finish it soon. I believe a true reader has some notebook for that purpose.
When I am reading a book: on the top of the page I write down the title, the grade in the middle, and the author's name next. I usually highlight them so that I can see immediately which book it is.

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Under the title I write N'84 - for example. Even though I'm perhaps 10 or 15 books behind, surely there are some I didn't like and didn't finish. They are unfinished and I don't count them. Aside from this notebook I have A4 blank white paper with actual read i.e finished books written down with title, name of author and grade. There are usually 50 on a paper like that (my goal for now is to reach 195 - which is symbolic), and I choose 1 best from each 10 books, but only from those that are graded 10 and write the best excerpt/quote from that book at the end of the paper. That's a tough choice to be made.

Alright, time for the actual organizing.

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In the notebook, apart from the grade that is from 5-10 now (it used to be 1-10, I realized that's too much since I never graded under 6 or 7), there is also:

1. Reading weight. This one can be easy, medium and hard.
2. Style (sentences, grammar, words, whatever on earth you want). From 1-5.
3. Genre
4. Feelings (that the book awakened in you)

5. Author's short biography
6. Short summary of the book

7. Excerpts

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I also have a Goodreads account. I like this site, it magically motivates me to read more. (Here is my Goodreads account if anyone wants to follow me https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/64233589-j-marks )

Of course, anyone can organize their reading habits the way they want. Some might like this, some might not. I hope I helped or at least given you a nice idea. To all of you out there, I encourage you to read more and organize better. Alla prossima... <3

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