Hola Hearters! I decided to came up with a new idea for articles on WHI. #GetToKnow: Is all about plasming and get other people educated with your traditions and caractheristics. You can do it in all the lenguages you want, is about describing your country in six characteristics. Mine is Argentina so let me start with it. Hope you join this and enjoy doing it.


Argentinian people is unique. That kind of says it all. We are very sociables with everyone. It doesn’t matter if you just met that person, we will always salute you with kisses on the cheeck, (shaking hands it’s to formal for us), If you are our brother’s girlfriend we will gave you a hug to make you feel welcomed.

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We are very supportive, friendly, animal lovers, empathetic and sometimes a little moody (we can get mad really bad sometimes, our swearing slang is priceless). But, in general, our people is known because of their kindness, If you are from other part of the world we get to be really curious about your country , even if we know it, we will make you feel like you are at home.

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We are known for having some of the greatest lands. Different weathers, dialects, accents and characteristics. From Usuhaia to the hill of the seven colors, deserts, Woods, jungles, unique animal species, etc. We have lot of great variety of flora and fauna. Yerba mate is one of the many things that grow in our land.

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If you see someone taking around a Mate, you Will inmediatly know he/she is an argentinian. This Little "ritual” is about union, sharing and having good time. A Mate can unite a group of persons even if we don’t know them. It teaches you to share with others. Mate is a thermos with hot water and a "mate" with yerba and bulb. You can make it sweet or bitter and if it's the first time you try it, you'll probably get to burn your tongue.

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Making an Asado or Choripan every Sunday with your families or Friends, or any day of the week if you can. Drinking Fernet, even though is something from Italy, we are known for being the most consumiders of that :O

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Our native music is Folklore. And some of the featured artists are: Los Nocheros, Los tukutuku, La Sole and Mercedes Sosa, to name a few. Tango like Gardel. And we also have others stiles: Soda Estereo, and rock bands from the 80's 90's are great here! And we also are really passionated in concerts!

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Tango, is one of the most recognized dances we have here. Every year we have the opportunitie to make The World tango dance tournament and reunite all the dancers around the world who loves this discipline.

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Some places you would like to visit in Argentina are:

  • Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapí & Bariloche - Neuquén & Río Negro
  • Villa Carlos Paz - Córdoba
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  • Esteros del Iberá - Corrientes
  • Iguazu Falls - Misiones
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  • Salta- Salta
  • Mendoza - Mendoza
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  • Villa la Angostura - Neuquén
  • Cafayate - Salta
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  • Hill of the seven colors - Jujuy
  • Salinas Grandes - Jujuy and Salta
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  • Purmamarca - Jujuy
  • Perito Moreno Glacier and El Chaltén - Santa Cruz
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  • San martin de los andes
  • Nahuel Huapí Lake - Neuquén and Río Negro
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  • Puente del Inca Natural Monument - Mendoza
  • Posadas and Oberá - Misiones
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This list is just a few things. You can also add other things or not, it's up to you. Thanks for reading and get to know my country ♥♥ Don't froget to join the hashtag and tag so I can see it! Can't wait to read about yours!


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