Hello hearters! I published my first Wattpad book this morning and I'd really enjoy if you'd guys check it out?

Quick Thing: I like to write about sensitive, somewhat 'taboo' subjects like bullying, depression, sexual abuse and others among the those.

Heartthrob Of Hell covers the subjects of depression and sexual abuse. I do not go into full detail. The reasoning for this is I like to bring awareness to subjects that most people avoid talking about, this my way of doing so without offending people if I say the wrong thing.

Here's the summary of the book:


Annabelle Hale made one mistake that lead to her being sent to Pierson Academy for eleven years; drawing her away from the whole family and putting their family name on the edge of destruction. Eleven years later, Annabelle causes another mistake by having a meltdown in front of half of her boarding school student body.

When Annabelle arrives to her new school no one is expecting her. Everyone is expecting for her to become Asher Floyd's girl, when they stumble into each other's lives, and they refuse to listen to the threats people give them if they get together.

Asher Floyd is the only person who sees through Annabelle's smiles, the weaved bracelets that covered her scared wrists and he wants to understand why she flinches whenever a guy touches her. He wants to stay away from her, not hurt her anymore but something about her screams to him. Asher has a past that no one knows about but everyone knows what ties he has to the strongest, ruthless people in the town. The trouble he has been in tells everyone to stay away from him but trying to keep yourself away from a guy that sees through your façade is hard, when they behold matching scars and tattoos etched on their skin, some meaningless, but some more powerful than words could explain.

As fate pushes Asher and Annabelle together - the two outsiders and center of attention of Lockhart Academy, become determined to help each other, despite the bad memories they draw from each other.

Being drawn into a world of sex, drama, fight, and lies puts Annabelle's plan to the verge of destruction but being able to feel again is something she can't get rid of.

With life damaging secrets, Annabelle and Asher learn ways to reveal the truth hurting no one in the process but will the two of them run away from everything together when the outcomes becomes deadly?

Thanks for reading, I really hope you check it out!

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