This is me, more like my digital diary. I am going to write about me, my life, things I like. Pain i am going trough, beautiful memories, painfull und romatic storys from my life. Its poems and pictures. Its life. Its my life what i am going to write about.

To me, my name is Anna. I love traveling and writing poems, thinking, listening to music and drawing. I like working out, watching series and movies. I am somewhere between a partygirl and a sad girl. Somewhere between finding myself and creating the person who I want to be. I would describe myself as confident, creative, strong, intelligent and deep. I love deeptalks, sitting outside, smoking cigarettes and talking about life and stuff while the stars are shining. I am also very adventurous, and I absolutely miss the beach and the ocean..

One thing about me is, nothing seems to fit together.
I danced classic ballett for 7 years, but like rap musik. I wanna go to parties, but i am also like "i hate humans". I think I live a healthy life, but also wanna try some drugs. I keep many secrets, and seem to be mysterious on one side, but also open on the other. I help everyone with their problems, but can´t tell anyone about my fears. -anyone can relate?

The digital diary idea is like a new beginning for me. Like something new, something i haven´t tried yet. Maybe I have the feeling many people out there feel the same way as I do, maybe I just need something new in my life. I haven´t posted abything on "we Heart it" yet, so its time I guess.

Thanks for reading my first article!