A poem for my mom, I wrote in my poetry class. My mother really hurt me when I was younger, but it’s been a year almost since I haven’t thought about her. My dad would always ask me if I thought about her or still loved her and I would always lie and say I didn’t. But deep down I did, and I missed her like hell. Not anymore, I got over her after she hurt me breaking point.

I sat in my room thinking about you mother

All the pain and hurt caused by you mother

The lights turned off and on my bed

Pillow in my face, crying about you mother

Thinking about all the days spent without you

Why would you leave me mother

Thoughts flying in my head, and overthinking

Was I not good enough for you mother

Father was barley around, always working

He worked so hard because you weren’t here mother

I finally grew up after years of hurt

And I got over you, but you still haunt me mother

And I – Olivia will continue to go on and live

But you will never come back into my life mother