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You are my girl - he said simply and it was true - But if you do this, you will be somebody else.

I was poison, and Noah was the medicine that made me forget about it.

I'm made for you, Mara

What is the Present? the boy asked. - This is what happens to you when a girl loves you for a long, long time. And not just playing with you. Really loves you. - It hurts? the boy asked. "Sometimes." But when you're real, you do not mind being hurt.

Nobody is perfect

I wanted to show them that you are different. That's why ... Jesus, "he added under his breath." That's what this is all about. " Because you're different."

"Secondly, he's a good guy."
"Others do not think so," I said.
"Others usually make mistakes"

- You dress like a tramp.
- You did not hear that you should not judge a book by its cover?

"So, who are you going to portray?"
- Bruce Wayne

An anxious, lonely, self-examining girl who looks out into space, drawing wrinkled leaves falling from naked twigs

She stands among them, unrecognized and herself not sensing her fabulous power

Even hell mercifully abandoned women

- Now we have to dodge the litter of a whole pack
- Darkness