Hi guys, today I'm gonna share with you 10 songs that I love and nice quotes.

1. ''Glory'' - Bastille

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''And... and then you put your hand in mine
And pulled me back from things divine
Stop looking up for heaven
Waiting to be buried''

2. ''Every Breaking Wave'' - U2

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''The sea knows where are the rocks
And drowning is no sin
You know where my heart is
The same place that yours has been
We know that we fear to win
And so we end before we begin
Before we begin''

3. ''One More Light'' - Linkin Park

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''Who cares if one more light goes out?
In a sky of a million stars
It flickers, flickers
Who cares when someone's time runs out?
If a moment is all we are''

4. ''Thief'' - Imagine Dragons

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''If I could live a thousand times
If I could make a thousand tries
Maybe then I'd get it right''

5. ''High Hopes'' - Kodaline

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''I remember it now, it takes me back to when it all first started
But I've only got myself to blame for it, and I accept that now
It's time to let it all go, go out and start again''

6. ''Dangerous Night'' - Thirty Seconds To Mars

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''What a dangerous night to fall in love
Don't know why we still hide what we've become
Do you want to cross the line?''

7. ''505'' - Arctic Monkeys

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''I'd probably still adore you
With your hands around my neck''

8. ''Wonderwall'' - Oasis

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''I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do
About you now''

9. ''Whatever It Takes'' - Imagine Dragons

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''Whatever it takes
'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins
I do whatever it takes
'Cause I love how it feels
When I break the chains''

10. ''Photograph'' - Ed Sheeran

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''We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts were never broken
And time's forever frozen still''

Hope you enjoy!