⇝ My name is Marjorie.

⇝ I was born in Paris, France.

⇝ My middle name happens to be my best friend's first name.

⇝ I plan to move to London (UK) or Toronto (Canada) someday.

⇝ I'm currently single but seeing a guy I really really like.

⇝ I love reading and would love to publish my own book.

⇝ Justin Bieber has been my idol for more than 8 years now, I went to all his tours.

⇝ I study International trade and am currently in my first year of a master's degree.

⇝My best friend saved me from anorexia by telling my parents, I own her my life.

⇝ I run and work out as much as I can and I'm on a diet cause I'm still fighting against anorexia.

⇝ Apart from my body, I'm insecure about my cheeks and nose.

⇝ My ex boyfriend happened to yell at me and insulted me, that's why I broke up with him.

⇝ My dad is my hero.

⇝ I plan to go to Coachella with my best friend someday.

⇝ I love wine.

⇝ I'm very difficult when it comes to taking pictures because I'm insecure and want to look my best.

⇝ My family and friends describe me as funny, cool, talktative, good support and happiest girl.

⇝ I'm afraid of cats. (yeah really)

⇝ I love indian, italian and chinese food.

⇝ I love fashion.

⇝ I want to travel for a year.

⇝ I hate being sad and always cheer me up when I'm feeling down. I'm happy like that.

⇝ My favourite seasons are winter and spring.

⇝ I blush easily.

⇝ Dior is my favourite luxury brand.

⇝ I'm a fan of partying in and partying out.

⇝ I love dancing and used to take classes with my best friend.

⇝ My friends always tell me I should be a psychologist cause I'm good at knowing what people think, comfort them and how to react to things.

⇝ I used to have brown hair but became blonde last summer.

⇝ I love tea and drink it with honey in it.

xoxo ❁