I love makeup and I think girls should be brave enough to step outside wearing their favorite makeup without worrying about people judging them. Makeup is an art. Here is a list of 5 gorgeous ideas for looks you can try!

1. Black Smokey Eyes & Red Lipstick

eyes and smokey eyes image aesthetic, glitter, and tumblr image bitch, fashion, and girl image Image by I N G R I D
I know the makeup rule that you can wear either bold eyes or bold lips but not both at the same time but this look is gorgeous

2. Cut Crease

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, glitter, and purple image makeup, glitter, and eyebrows image

3. Glitter Lids & Dark Nude Lips

makeup, pretty, and style image makeup, beauty, and style image lipstick, mac, and makeup image Image by Tere Guillen Meza

4. Bright/Neon Lids

art, blue, and eyelashes image makeup, beauty, and glitter image makeup, girl, and beauty image beauty, blonde, and brown image

5. Nude Eyes & Nude Lips

makeup, girl, and beauty image makeup, eyes, and beauty image art, beauty, and brown image black eyes, black hair, and girl image
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you're having a great day! x
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