Hola Hearters you may or may not know me yet, my name is Valeria and I'm making this little "my name is.." that it's all over whi. So hope you enjoy! and listen to the songs as well ♥

V - Vergessene kinder, Tokio Hotel
blackandwhite, cold, and Darkness image
A - Act Like You Love Me, Shawn Mendes
life, lost, and missing you image
L - Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous, Good Charlotte
Temporarily removed
E - Easy Love, Lauv
black, crazy, and love quote image
R - Roses, Shawn Mendes / Reden, Tokio Hotel
beautiful, boat, and clouds image
I - I Just Wanna Live, Good Charlotte
couple, run, and black and white image
A - Atemporal, Cítricos
Temporarily removed

Thanks for reading xx

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