I went to Seville a few days ago and stayed there for four days. I didn't have wifi and computer to post my articles so that's why I had to post them three days after. But today I want to talk about my trip.


I love the city, I think it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. You might be wondering why. I will tell you why, the buildings are not the usual grey that you can see in any city, they have colours, that somehow makes you feel happy and excited.

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The buldings have a lot of details on them and it just makes you think about the history behind them and it's people, they are really funny and nice.

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"Plaza España"

But there's one thing that I didn't like at all...

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It might look beautiful, you can take a ride and feel like a princess but if you stop and look at the horses you would see:

  • They are tired, because they spend the whole day walking they don't even rest, you can see they don't even know how to put their legs.
  • They have something in their mouth (I dont't know the name), you can see they feel uncomfortable because you can hear them trying to take it out, like when you put a leash to cats and they would move like crazy trying to take it out.
  • They also put something beside the horse's eyes so they can only look to the front and don't get scared I guess. I don't think it is a good idea because their eyes are on the sides so they barely see. I saw one horse walking with his head tilted to one side because that's the only way he could see.
  • The "owners" or "riders" don't even care, they just want money, and that's when you realize some people don't care about animals or anything, just about money.

With all these I just wanted you all to know that, please, take care of animals, fight for them to live free and not the way those poor horses live.

I really wish I could do something against how they treat them, I was even thinking about writing a letter to Seville's Town Hall, I dont know if that could make a difference. I also realized that the people that fight for the rights of the animals tried to do something against how those horses are treated but they couldn't do anything.

I had to say all these because when I saw that my heart broke into a million pieces, let's do something about it! - Alison G.

PS: If someone wants to do something just tell me and let's start to change the world.