"Make a list of five things to be grateful for."

1. My Job
I'm actually super blessed to have a really good job. I care for a woman with huntingtons disease overnight, and get ten bucks an hour for it. It's right down the road from me, less than fifteen minutes, and I go for 10-12 hour nights, so I walk away with about $100 a night. If you make that three times a week, I make more than enough money to support myself and do all the things I want to do. It's a very slow paced and non-stressful job. I've never once thought about quitting. I do feel truly blessed.

2. My Best Friend
I won't go into it too much, just in case he ever gets his hands on it, but he's my ride or die. God could not have created a more perfect person for me. I'd marry him if I could. We have a difficult relationship currently where we don't see each other often, but hopefully that will change and we can run away together.

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3. My Gay Best Friend
My bestie and I have a very different relationship than my gay bestie. Charlie is the most reliable person on the planet and despite that we are polar opposites, we get along like peanut butter and fluff. I'm thankful for him. He's one of the only people I'll miss when I move this summer.

4. My Siblings (and other family)
I have family members here and there that I'm thankful for, but it's mostly my siblings. They're my closest allies, and I feel so sorry for anyone who hates their siblings. I couldn't survive without mine. I have four older ones, two brothers and two sisters, who all bring different things to the table. My oldest brother is a lot like me in that he offers physical support, like food and shelter, but is unempathetic and emotionally uninvolved. He's the funniest of them all, though. My sister Justine is the total mom package of physical and emotional support. My brother Augie is a total bro. He basically single handedly developed my interest in pop culture, so we love hanging out. My sister Morgan is close to my age, so we've always been more like twins who support each other. Very different dynamics across the board, but all very important to me.

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5. Music
If I didn't have all my punk bands, I don't think I'd be here today. I definitely wouldn't be the same person.

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