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Going to study abroad is going to be a huge step, and there are so many things to plan and to consider about it. While the last time I talked about all the reasons why you will regret it if you don’t take a gap year and also named a few reasons why you should study abroad, this article is all about how to find the perfect study abroad program, when you already decided to go for this adventure.
Every time before I move abroad, I am going to ask myself the following six questions, and due to it, it will be a lot easier to find the perfect abroad program.

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This has always been my first and also most important question. Studying abroad is the opportunity to live in that specific place you have always dreamed about. You can explore new cultures and learn new languages or merely explore what this world has to offer.
The first time I moved abroad, I decided to go to London for improving my English skills. Of course, it could have also been the USA or Australia for that reason, but I love the British accent. In my opinion, it is definitely the most excellent accent ever. I even enjoyed the British lifestyle so much that I wanted to move back to London for my first abroad semester. Luckily I decided to try out something new, and I ended up in Paris.
For my following abroad semester, I will go overseas this time. Even though I already lived in other countries so many times, this is a massive step for me as well. On the other hand, I am beyond excited because I have always dreamed of this destination! (If you are curious about where I will move to, follow me on Instagram @ ly.hoang. I will reveal it in two weeks.)

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Doing an abroad semester is a chance for you to find out in which branch you might want to work later in life. Apparently, the minors and courses you are going to choose abroad, have to be related to your studies at home but like for example in business studies, you have a vast variety.
Are you a musician? Try out studying music in Vienna. Explore fashion in Paris or study finance on the wall street of New York City.
My main course of study is finance, and I am also going to do my master’s degree in Financial Management, but one of my biggest passion is fashion on the other hand. So in my case, I took the opportunity to study Luxury Brand Management and Fashion Business courses whenever I have the chance to do it.

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For a lot of students, this will be the first time that they are moving out of their parents’ house. When it comes to types of housing, there are the possibilities of living on campus, a private apartment or sharing an apartment.
Back in London, I shared an apartment with four other girls from my school. Moreover, I even shared my room with two roommates. It was an enjoyable time because I am an only child and I never knew how it was too share a place for such a long time like that until then. While in Paris on the other hand, I had my own apartment. I would say there are advantages and disadvantages in both ways and in the end, you have to decide if you are ready to live on your own or you still want to share your place.

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