Hi everyone!! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted a new article in a while. For today’s, I really don’t know why I’m sharing these thoughts with you, but something happened earlier that “hit a nerve”, so now I am here to rant lol. Before I get started, I just want to say the listed examples are NOT to offend other Asians. I just really hate how ignorant people can be, and will be describing why these people are obviously wrong. If you feel uncomfortable reading this, and it does offend you, please click out of this article, or message me, and I will gladly edit it.

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#1 | “All Asians Are Smart”

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I don’t even know where to begin. If you say that all Asian people are smart, you are degrading everyone that has worked hard by simply saying there were born smart. No, you don’t get to be the judge of high grades or success in school/life. You can’t just say that all Asians will be good at math or science or anything that has to do with education. Sure, some Asian people can be smart, but we are just as smart as someone of another race. And not to be rude to anyone, but I personally know some Asian people that are not too bright.

#2 | “All Asians Have Squinty Eyes”

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This has pissed me off since first grade when all the kids would lift the ends of their eyes and call themselves Asian. Who are you to tell us that our eyes are small by trying to mimick that look?? First of all, not every Asian has small eyes, and second, you should not be one to insult other Asian people by pretending or forcing your eyes to look small. And even if some Asians have small eyes, people of other races can have small eyes as well, so I really do not understand the point of this stereotype.

#3 | “All Asians Are The Same”

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You say you’re Asian, and people will automatically jump to the conclusion that you are Chinese. Like no. It’s so simple, and yet some people do not understand that Asian does not mean just Chinese (or from China), but ALL OF ASIA. Asia is a whole freaking continent!!!! Respect the differences with knowledge, and don’t just assume you know someone.

#4 | “Asian People Only Marry Other Asian People”

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ASIAN PEOPLE CAN DATE PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES, so I really do not get this one. Some Asian people date/marry other Asian people, but it really does not matter who you want to spend your life with. This stereotype is honestly just screaming, “Asians are racist”, but we are not! Everyone has their own reasons to marry someone, whether it has to do with true love (hopefully) or not.

#5 | “Asian Parents Are Strict”

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My parents are not that strict. When it comes to education, of course they want their daughters to do well, but then again, what parents want to see their kids fail? To say that all Asian parents are strict really sets the example that they will disown them if they do poorly on a test or something. Maybe you think this is why “all Asian people are smart”, but everyone will do whatever they can, regardless of what family they come from.

#6 | “Asians Are Outsiders”

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To think that you have to have been born in Asia to be Asian kind of sounds weird, right? I’m (proudly) Asian, and I was born in America. People who are Asian but live in America (or other places) must here this a lot: “Where are you from - originally?” or maybe, “Your English is good.” Like ????? You can be Asian without having been born in Asia!! Also, it’s literally showing that you believe Asians are outsiders, which obviously, is not very much appreciated. Or, if people ask where your ancestors are from.... ugh, sometimes I can’t tell if people are genuinely curious, or just plain stupid.

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Okay, so this is the end of this article. I hoped you liked it (maybe, but probs not lol). Again, this is not to offend anyone, so if you have any problems, send me a postcard. Honestly though, I could continue for a lot, but I really do not know how y’all feel about this kind of stuff, so I decided to keep it short. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I will see you in my next article.

~ Caylie