sharing my personal story of life and love

Second chances are given to those who deserved it. Maybe the universe somehow tells us that our souls are made from one entity and was meant to be together in order to find peace.

There's a point in our lives wherein we are so immersed in our own bubble that once it popped, we realized... there's more to experience outside of it. We began exploring, we found fun outside our own world and bit by bit we started to feel.... distant.

Our lines began to separate from the crossing point onto a parallel directions. We had different views, wants, and even different happiness. We forgot to create our bubble again. We decided to live in each other boxes.

Day by day, we started to feel exhausted and that's when we knew.. we reached the end of our graph.

We went on our different paths.

Our time apart helped me realize a lot of stuff. I cried every night, I felt empty, I realized you are not just my companion in the bubble. You are my HOME.

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I started to keep myself busy at work, I even work during my days off just so that I won't think about you as much. At some point, your friend told me you were okay and that hit me. I felt that it was unfair but little did I knew, you were hurting too.

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You said you wanted to improve yourself and I made that motivation for myself as well. So I started to go to gym, I tried to eat healthier and develop a new habit.

As I was doing that I felt happy to have achieved new things... but I still felt empty.

I tried so hard to fight it but I know deep in my heart he's the only person that I would like to grow old with. I did my part, I did everything that I could to have him back.

We talked, had some agreement and arrangements. Now, we are back together and never been happier. He's my HOME.