Dear younger self,

Life won't be easy for you, there will happen a lot of shitty things in the next few years but also a lot of beautiful things you don't want to miss. So please if you think about ending your life or hurting yourself know that there are people who wants to help and that the better time is coming. Sometimes it will look like your whole life is just a mess and sometimes it's a mess, I have to admit it can be a real mess but it will get better.

You are going to meet a lot of amazing people who are there for you and some of these people you already have in your life. These people will be there for you in your worst times but also in better times. Your parents are here for you and just go talk to them when you need them and be happy that they are here to see you grow up.

And one last thing don't give up, because it will come alright. Don't quit your first job after a month because you will work there for a couple of years more and it will be amazing and really funny even when you sometimes really don't wanna go to your work. And stay yourself even when people will get mean to you because of who you are, you are amazing and people really like you for who you are. Do the things you love.


Your 19th years old self