Hey guys what's up ? i created a new category about studying/working and i'm so exicted for my very first article. I like writing and reading, so thank you WHI haha

Little disclamer : english isnt my orginal tongue, i'm still learning it, so if you'll find any kind of mistakes i'm so sorry. You can send me message to correct me, be confortable about that.

Practicing is the better way to learn, isnt it ? (:

₪ Gain confidence

Your mental will be on the top, and you will have a lot of motivation.

₪ Being near to your goals

Yes, we know that we have to work hard to achieve our goals, and what's the most incredible feeling than have this little fire inside you when you know that you are closer every single time you study.
Yes go study now, and it will pay off trust me.

₪ Being more attractive

Intelligence is so sexy and attractive, a smart women is one of the most beautiful humain being. You are cute and beautiful, and when you combine that with intelligence, you will gonna be fire darling.

₪ Being peaceful with yourself

I don't know about you but currently, in the middle of the night, i think a lot about my future and the plan i should follow to be closer to my goals. And, the fact that planning, todolisting (i know this word doesnt exist haha) and all kind of organization help me a lot and make me feel good.
In the end, i learned that, the more i study hard and more i will be peaceful with myself. Why ? Because i contribuate to my happiness.

I hope that you liked this first article in english, and it's not just a big mess lol

I hope that it will help you and motivate you a little bit.

Never forget to take care of yourself and enjoy life. x

“One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” _ Henry Miller