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Love you all,

- Angie -

On the 18th of December, the earth lost a wonderful human being, a giant talent who's now become an angel among the world of the people we've long lost. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Kim Jonghyun of the south Korean group SHINee passed away the day before yesterday.

By what he's left behind we can see that he must had been dealing with very harsh moments and feelings and the sad truth is that none of us had any idea. Either because he didn't open up, or we never paid attention to his behavior lately. (I don't judge anyone) It's so sad to learn that people, commit suicide because sometimes it's the only "easy" solution for them. Well, no. You can always talk to people about how you feel and what you're dealing with. It's no shame. If our social interactions were better, we could be able to prevent most of the suicides. But we're doing it all wrong. We think that everyone will judge us if we say even the stupidest thing we feel. What if they judge you? Screw them!

Jonghyun gave a lot to the music industry and to his fans and the world and he must be appreciated and remembered forever. I can't even imagine the situation he must had been, the moment he took his last breath. What did he feel? Atonement? Maybe. Redemption? Maybe. Repentance? Maybe... But, even though his fans gave him everything he ever wanted, he still felt hopeless and weak. Why? Did the SM Entertainment make him feel this way? Did the pressure make him feel like he wasn't good enough? Why? We all have so MANY unanswered questions and personally, I haven't been able to sleep lately, thinking more generally of all the people who might feel like this inside of them. WE need to prevent this. WE need to open up and don't be afraid. It's okay to feel sad, it's okay to cry or to be hurt. It's all human emotion. But everyone can get through it...

At least that's what I had in mind. Until I learned the sad news...

Rest in Peace Jonghyunie <3

And last but not least, SPEAK before it's too fucking late.