These are my goals:

i would love to work for myself. I am an art person, so i want to work with that. I want to be a photographer, illustrator or designer.

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I love love love tidy and minimalist houses and places.

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I cant imagine my life without animals. I just want a maine coon cat and golden retriever. You cant even know how excited i am about having them. I already own Maine coon cat named Gucci. Absolutely in love with him

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I want to travel as much as possible. Traveling gives you so much memories and experiences.

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One thing i really enjoy is writing. I believe myself in that segment so i hope one day you will actually buy my book.

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I just want to have a lot of good friends,home cooked dinners, movie nights, lovely husband and active lifestyle. I am so excited about working, going on walks with my dog and creating new things.

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Thaank you for reading.