Hello guys!

I know spring just started,but I can t wait summer. Here is a list with my plans for this holiday:

1. Go to the beach/pool
i live in Constanta and this city has opening at the Black Sea.

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Neversea is a festival with international singers and dj,which unfolds in Constanta,Romania for the second consecutiv year. CAN T WAIT!!!!!!!

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3. Take many photos
I love to take photos,to remind me these moments when i will be an adult. Make memories every summer!!!

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4. To travel
Every summer i am going in a camp. I think travelling is an attractive activity. Usually,i only travel in the country.

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5. Read good books
I think reading is very relaxing...more or less :))) Honestly,I can t be relaxed when i read about adventure and crime :) Anyway, in every moment you MUST to have a book to read.

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These are few of may plans for the Summer,i know is to early to talk about it :))) XOXO

I apologize for any mistakes in writing,but I don t know perfect English