Sometimes you don't realize that you've fallen for someone until you see them holding someone else's hand. Sometimes you promise that you won't fall for anyone but someone, breaking all the walls you've built around yourself, enters into your heart.
When you feel like he's the half of you, when he makes you feel complete, maybe that's when you realize that you've fallen for him.

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You can be yourself with him, tell him your darkest secrets. Open up your heart, without the fear of being judged. Rely on him completely. Whenever you hold his hand, you see sparks. Every time. Maybe it's because of his charming smile, maybe because of his lame jokes. Maybe because he always knows that there's something wrong when you say "I'm fine". Maybe because of his steady nature. Maybe that's why you fell for him.
It doesn't always have to be an attractive face or lots of money. Sometimes it just has to be a person who understands, a soft heart, arms that make you feel safe.

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You can't get thoughts of him out of your head. He becomes a part of your life and you let him in.
Whenever you look at him, the whole world gets blurred. Maybe that's when you realize that you've fallen in love!!


please don't mind if there was any grammatical mistake. English isn't my native language!

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