Do you feel overwhelmed by the wide array of marketing automation tools available in the market? A growing business may not be able to cater to every customer’s needs individually and yet each customer is considered a priceless prospect anytime. This is where Marketing Automation steps in to save the day. Marketing Automation as the name suggests is the automation of marketing tasks across multiple channels like the email and social media, basically activities that were executed manually by the marketers until the recent past.

With Drip Marketing gaining precedence over the usual lead nurturing initiatives, the digital integration of marketing automation tools is a big leap forward for marketing communication. Marketing automation tools are software platforms and technologies that can be integrated seamlessly with a Drupal based website with the help of custom modules, like the ones we have discussed here.

Google Analytics

Now you can have the web statistics tracking feature on your Drupal website by integrating the Google Analytics module with it. Features like domain tracking, monitoring files and other downloads, AdSense support, tracking Drupal messages and User ID across different devices, along with Demographics and Interest Support can be added seamlessly by deploying the Google Analytics Module.

Wildfire Email Marketing Platform Module

This module is meant to integrate Wildfire email system with a Drupal website to facilitate the sending of bulk emails in just a few clicks. You can also drop in Drupal content into the mail directly without any hassles, which can be easily forwarded to a list of subscribers. The client module has features like list and content management, mail template and tracking tools for various jobs. The “job information” is gathered and sent to the Wildfire HQ servers while the bulk mail is sent through white-listed mail servers.

The HubSpot module is meant to integrate Hubspot, an inbound marketing software platform with a drupal website. This module facilitates the submission of webforms to the HubSpot Leads API to help in tracking leads through Hubspot.

The integration of marketing automation software with a Drupal website lets you measure the levels of engagement with your prospects. While it lets you create and manage a lead flow that makes lead conversion, it also makes an end-to-end sales process quite effortless. If you are still undecided about the custom module your website requires to integrate an effective marketing automation system, let us guide you through the process with our enterprise level web solutions.

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