I watched you purse your lips and your eyes sparkle as I stopped talking.

You looked troubled. Breathless, you tried to mutter a few words but I could barely hear you.
So I waited,...
I waited for the words to come out of your mouth and touch my soul with a tint of emotion.

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You looked at me, desperate and lost, hoping that your words would match your actions and I could only seem to see the sincerity behind the silence you were holding on to.

I found you, curled into a ball of illusion, where everything seemed perfect and you wouldn't want to leave that reality of yours.

I leaned forward, with a helping hand and a smiling heart, hoping you'd finally say yes for help.

You were at once afraid that I'd judge you and confront you with the harshest truth but it wasn't the case.

I looked at your ailing heart and understood that you were in need of help.

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So, I sat down next to you and narrated stories of lost galaxies and planets, places that were yet to be discovered and feelings that would one day be felt with the utmost sincerity.

Your eyes glistened with tears and I knew that you needed help.
So help me,...
help me help you
through my words...
Let them echo and sink deep into your soul,
so much that you won't look for comfort into temporary illusions...

Help me help you
through my actions...
Let me show you where the path is clean and where you can walk without being afraid of the light.

I look at you and I see the younger self I would have wished to save years ago...
Help me help you...