What will Got7 be like as parents?

The strict one. Okay, he’s not overbearingly strict but he has rules and he’d really prefer if they were followed. They’re common rules that every parent usually has like a curfew (that extends the older his child/children become) but the one he pushes on more is usually work before play. Work hard, play hard is his motto and he’s gone a long way with this in mind. He knows how to control the rambunctious antics of GOT7, so I believe he’d know how to handle kids. There are going to be times when his kids cry and call him a meanie because he doesn’t want to take them out to the zoo but he’ll smile and say “Hey, I’m not mean. You’re being mean. But maybe next time.” The dad that will squeal and just go afjdhskd the first time his child fist bumps him or calls him dad. Be aware though, he’s the soccer dad that’ll probably pick fights with other soccer dads.

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The chill one. Though I’d love to see Mark act similarly like his dad, the OG Papa Tuan, I think Mark will be calmer and more easygoing. He’s still going to support his children through whatever and be their #1 fan, but Mark has that ‘okay sure do what you want but make sure to do what you need to first’ vibe. He’s the responsible dad that still lets his children experiment with things (just maybe not drugs). But he’s also down for indulging in his children’s ways. Want to make a pillow fort? Sure. Pillow fight? Be there or be square. Mark would be a great dad but if it ever comes to tough decisions like sleeping over a friend’s at a school night, he’s going to pull the “ask your mom” card. His children always ask him to do those flips and show off and he tries because he wants to impress his kids but ends up regretting it when his back hurts later.

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The active one. This dad is going to be part of any PTA, drive his child/ren to every soccer, basketball, bowling, hockey, you name any sport and he’ll drive his kids to the practices, games, tournaments. Dance recital? Hell, he’s going to be there fifty minutes early with the first row seat and a camera in his hands. I think he’d really push on sports with his children but he’s going to be those parents that are like Oh? Your grades aren’t that good? Study more and we’ll see about sports. Jackson’s also very supportive and always willing to give good advice too so if his children are ever in a bad spot in their lives, then they can trust their dad to bring them back on their feet. They’re also supportive of him and the first time his child/children give him advice, he realizes how mature they’ve grown up to be and gets emotional.

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The loving one. Jinyoung’s said before that he would be a fool for his daughter and I don’t doubt that whatsoever. I have a more specific outline of Jinyoung as a father here but I know for certain he’d be the parent that gives sage advice and is always encouraging and supportive. Rational and also understanding, Jinyoung would make sure his kids are healthy and know they can trust him. The type to start book clubs and assign a book once a week to read so they can discuss. The dad that emphasizes studying more and will help you study. Also the dad to casually bring his kids up whenever he can like “hey Jackson did you hear my daughter won her very first soccer game. My son got the highest mark in the class. Did you hear? Did you h–”

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The gentle one. The dad that always tries to make his kids smile or laugh and is so happy when they do. When they’re young, he’ll always be so careful around them and he’d have moments where he’s nervous about hurting them if he’s holding them wrong or if they start crying in his arms like no youngjae it’s not you they’re just hungry. He’d wake his young children up in the cutest ways and y’all have you seen his Instagram? The way his account is 90% Coco. Yeah, when he has children, I can see him flooding his ig with pictures of his kids. Teaches them life skills and lets them figure things out on their own. Sings them to sleep with his soothing voice and whenever he wants to make them laugh, he does his opera voice. When his kids laugh, he laughs too because his children are his everything.

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The fun one. Bambam would be the dad that promises Disney World trips and only makes do with those promises about 10% of the time but his children already have a lot of fun with him so it’s okay. The dad that buys them ice cream before dinner and tells them not to tell their mother but also the dad that pushes more vegetables on their plates. He starts majority of the days by picking up his kids and holding them above his head and making airplane noises. Honestly they’re so giggly around him because he’s so much fun and they always feel safe around him. Spends a lot of time with his kids, as much as possible. But Bambam also has those moments when he’s feeling down and one time when his child was like 6, they crawled over to him and gave him a hug and said “I love you, dad” as if his child knows and since that day, he always makes sure to say ‘I love you’ to his children.

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The relatable one. Yugyeom’s the overtly sassy father that when you grow up, you realize that’s where you inherited your fiery attitude and quick wit. Though he doesn’t take shit from the older members, he will from his children since they are his children, but his kids shouldn’t expect to get away with everything. Yugyeom would be a parent that knows when to put his foot down but he definitely would spoil his children. The dad that relates with his children because he’s been through the stage of defiance given he was the youngest member of GOT7. He’s the one who plays along with the prank wars his children initiate. If his significant other asks him to check on their child/ren when they’re still a baby, he’ll be like aaagh ok. If his children ask him to dance, he’ll giggle to himself and pretend to do it reluctantly but deep inside, he’s beaming.

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