Hello Dreamers! I chose to do a travel article since I love to travelling. Here it is; My Dream Vacay...


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I'd start my vacay by flying to Japan because the culture is so amazing and the blossom trees are beautiful there.


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Switzerland would be my next stop. I've already been there, but the mountains are gorgeous!


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From Switzerland, I would drive over to Austria and admire the architecture and swim in the lakes.


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I'd visit London and go to the Big Ben.

New York

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From Austria, I'd fly over to New York and walk around the city for hours.


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I'd dive in the waters of Hawaii all day and relax in the sun.


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Go to the Eiffel Tower while I'm at it.

Fly back to home...

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That finishes off this article! Hope you enjoyed. Make sure to check out my article and travel collection if you want!

Amearli xoxo

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