school can be awful and it can hard so here are some tips on how to study and get good grades :)

  • take notes!

many of my teachers make us take notes during class and not just when they're doing a power point or slideshow or whatever. it really helps to take notes to understand the lesson and to simply everything you've just learned.

  • limit distractions!

i used to have my twitter notifications on and would end up aimlessly scrolling through twitter for 4 hours. i recommend to turn off your instagram, snapchat, or whatever notifications you have on your phone. there are also websites that block you from a site for a certain amount of time if you use your computer a lot.

  • take breaks!

doing work for 25 minutes then taking a 5 minute break really helps. also during those five minutes, don't use your phone!

  • get a planner!

use this planner to write down homework, tests, quizzes, and exams. write them down 5 minutes before class and check your planner after school.

  • classes!

go... to... your... classes... you won't know shit if you don't attend your classes. also pay attention in classes!! it can be really hard because school can be boring but at least you payed attention.

  • SLEEP!

sleep is extremely important so try to get 5-8 hours of sleep!! i like to listen to a piano playlist on spotify to help me fall asleep.

  • music!

personally, listening to music you don't know the lyrics to helps me focus more or just music with no lyrics at all. jazz music helps me focus but everyone is different so maybe listening to drake helps you focus ya know.

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