I promised myself that I wouldn't fall for a guy like you, but here I am. An average girl thats head over heels for you, while your in the arms of another.

First: The Feelings.
I saw you talking to all those pretty girls, giggling and smiling. Hanging on to your every word. I looked at you and i though to myself that there was no change in hell i would ever fall for someone like you. I knew the game you played. You played it very well. But somehow i ended up playing and i got trapped in those beautiful blue orbs, unable to look away. We locked gases and i knew that i wasn't going to be able to come out of this alive.

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Second: The connection.
The minute our eyes connected we had a connection. Im not sure what it was but in my head i was certain that you have never looked at a girl like the way you looked at me. Only for me to later understand that i was hypnotized by you gaze and i was just another girl to you. But i thought we had a connection. We would talk for hours, we would go to our favorite restaurant and talk some more. You would text me in the morning telling me how much you missed me even though we saw each other the day before. God how much we had in common. From the things we liked to the things we felt. I had feelings for you and you had feelings... but for someone else.

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Third: The proximity/touching.
It was a sunny day at the park. You told me you were going to take me somewhere beautiful. Were the flowers would be sure to blossom because they would feel my presence and see my genuinely happy smile. It was a secluded park were the swings were rarely used and the playground was abandoned by children but i saw it as the most special place ever. Because back then the only thing that mattered was you and me. We played and played while you chased me and trapped me in your powerful arms, i remember you moving my hair to the side and held me close. Then the proximity we were in wasn't enough for you so you kissed me. We were each others comfort. But little did i know you only invited me because i was your last resort.

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Fourth: The knowing.
I would see you talk to a lot of other girls but i would always brush it off, i didn't want to seem as the jealous type especially since we were nothing. You were not mine and i wasn't yours. But i wanted you to have me. all of me. My friends noticed how you were with others and it wasn't until i was missing your presence that i went to our park, our special place were i though we would forever be together. I saw you running. You were trying to hide but i wasn't sure form what. You were smiling and laughing and saying her name, that she wouldn't find you. I wish she hadn't because i thought you were mine. But of course she found you.

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Once you saw her you ran to her and hugged her. You picked her up from her feet, just like how you did to me, and kissed her like she was your one and only. I remember falling to the ground while you told her she was special. I felt my heart break while you told her you loved her. And i knew i was used when i saw i meant nothing.

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Is this what love feels like?