hello! recently i hit quite the rut when it comes to my mental status and overall personality. what i realized, that can be a big help, is to take a step back and appreciate what you've done so far. what brought you to where you stand and to move on from there. here's what i'm proud of this march.

becoming legal

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i just turned eighteen and i won $20 off of a scratcher !

buying a macbook

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since i'm not very good at saving money this was a huuuge feat for me !

getting a double helix

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it was sort of inspired by my baby jungkook, which is fun and nice and i'm sooooooo happy that i actually did it !

looking at the stars

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taking even a little bit of time to stop and enjoy the stars when they are out makes all the difference

buying something for me

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so that shirt i actually have 🤤 but i've also taken extra time to get myself strawberry milk. enjoying the little things makes my days more and more enjoyable.

spending more time here !

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thank you for 100 followers! coming here everyday and seeing bts and all the other great things offered here, especially the profound amounts of love that's spread around has helped me.

remember for yourselves now, you have done things that brought you here that are sure to bring a smile to your eyes. you are amazing! you are beautiful! you are worthy! LOVE YOURSELF!

thank you for reading and i hope you have a wonderful day!

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