Hello Dreamers! Today's article is about hobbies. I have quite a few of them, so lets get into it!


This one isn't really a surprise. I enjoy writing, whether it's on a laptop or with pen and paper. I think it's the world you get dragged into when writing a story.

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I tend to bike around my area whenever I'm stressed, annoyed, frustrated / mad or just would rather be outside.

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It's actually the diving part of swimming which I enjoy, but oh well. I love jumping off the boards/blocks and streamlining into the water.

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I enjoy gymnastics because I don't think about anything but gymnastics when I'm doing it.

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Drawing / Art

This one I do on a daily basis. Literally. I have a thick sketchbook which I take everywhere with me. When I'm bored, I draw. When I'm sad, I draw. When I am cheerful, I draw.

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This isn't actually one of my hobbies, but I enjoy doing it, I'm good at it and I do it often. So it's a hobby, right? But I mean, food is life.

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I love reading so much. It sucks me into another dimension (especially the Harry Potter series). Some of my favourite books are the Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter (duh) and the Murderer's Ape.

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That finishes off this article. Hope you enjoyed! Here is my article collection if you want to check it out!

Amearli xoxo

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