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best movie

  • Pretty in Pink
  • Sixteen Candles
  • Breakfast Club
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current time

10:25 pm

drink you last had

starbucks, coffee, and drink image
iced tea

everyday starts with

me checking my notifications on my phone

favorite song at the moment

Get Stupid by Aston Merrygold

grossest memory

I can't recall any



in love with

  • Malamutes
  • Netflix
  • Driving
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I don't get jealous that often

killed someone

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I killed them with...kindness

last time I cried

June, 2017: high school graduation

middle name


number of siblings

one older brother

one wish

Image by heidi 🤍
I wish that there would be a safer gun regulation so no there would be no more gun violence

person you last texted/called

  • texted: my best friend
  • called: my mom

quote that you love

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."
—Robin Williams
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reasons to be happy

  • The world needs more happy people
  • You met someone new today
  • Music
  • Cute adorable puppy compilation videos on social media
  • Happiness is contagious

song you last sang

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Remind Me - Nickleback

time you woke up

6:35 a.m.



vacation place

my favorite place is Southern Vermont and Western Massachusetts

x-rays you have had

when I sprained my my right ankle

your favorite meal at a diner

Do not judge:
two eggs scrambled, two sausage, french fries, small glass of tomato juice, a glass of water or iced tea, and whole wheat toast with butter

zodiac sign:

art, scorpio, and zodiac image scorpio and zodiac image aquarius, aries, and astrology image aquarius, aries, and astrology image