Here I leave you 10 songs of different genres, I hope you find at least one that you like. Under the video of each song I put part of the lyrics that I especially like. ENJOY!

  • Give up at 2- Sofí de la Torre
"So much that we could've said, so much that we never said, too proud and angry instead"
  • Come Clean- Hilary Duff
"'Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect, trying to fit a square into a circle was no life"
  • Fly Away- Tom Walker
"So come on fly away with me, to a place where we could be anyone we wanna be and we can bottle up our fears"
  • Guys My Age- Hey Violet
"Gotta thank him, he's the reason, that I'll find out what I'm looking for"
  • PCH- Jaden Smith Ft. Willow Smith
"You can come and cry if you come through, you can hug the sky if you want to"
  • Yes Im Changing- Tame Impala
"They say people never change but that's bullshit, they do"
  • My Desire- Interpol
"That looked like your chance to me, but you played me out, so now I gave you up. It's time for a change of heart."
  • Vermillion- Sofí de la Torre
"I don't wanna feel empty anymore, I don't wanna feel lonely anymore"
  • Cry Cry- Scott Helman
"The sun comes up, and I'm doing okay and I don't need your heart to show me the way"
  • Realization- Finding Hopes Ft. Deverano
"Realizations hit me when i look into your eyes, over time you’ve grown on me."