Hi everyone today I´m going to do the This is me Challenge!!
Holaaaaa el día de hoy haré el reto de Esto soy yo!!! espero se animen y pronto hagan el suyo también, sirve que ven que tan bien se conocen a ustedes mismos.


tired, people, and quotes image Temporarily removed girl thing, quotes, and go girl image quotes and socrates image
Soy muy introvertida / 100% introvert


girl, fashion, and jeans image adidas, shoes, and black image summer, girl, and beach image Temporarily removed

Pretty normal style / Soy muy floja para arreglarme, prefiero mil veces tenis que tacones


aesthetic, gold, and glasses image summer image Temporarily removed flowers, yellow, and nature image


Temporarily removed dog, beach, and summer image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee dog, animal, and cute image
I looooooove dogs / Amo los perros, he llegado a tener 12 <3


ice cream, food, and yummy image Image by Intricate Syndacate pizza, food, and yummy image Image removed


concert, gig, and kodaline image justin bieber, purpose tour, and wallpaper image ed sheeran image music, reggae, and singer image
Kodaline | JB | Ed | Dread Mar I


Image by Fashion diary and journal image book, clean, and landline image john green, frases, and libros image
He leído varios libros, pero mi favorito siempre será Eleanor & Park


coco, disney, and pixar image grinch, christmas, and help image disney image heart, movie, and cara delevigne image
Coco, The Grinch, Lilo & Stitch and Valerian.

TV Series

Temporarily removed friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and chandler image criminal minds, garcia, and morgan image bart, homer, and lisa image
BBT | Friends | Criminal Minds | The Simpsons


turkey, istanbul, and travel image travel image friendship and travel image nature and naturaleza image

Thank you for having time to read my challenge, hope to see yours soon :)

Love, Diana<3