Hellooooooo. So here’s another one of those gif articles but now with lil jiminie! I hope you guys love it and let’s just dive right in📌

his lil baby hands

gif, hands, and little image
army, gif, and k-pop image

Escuji Me!

gif, bts, and bangtan image

his hair

gif image
gif image
gif, bts, and jimin image

his smileys

adorable, boyband, and kpop image
adorable, boys, and jin image
angel, gif, and korean image
gif, laugh, and smile image

a literal jimin in a blanket

gif, bts, and jimin image
gif and bts image


army, gif, and bts image
gif, jawline, and kpop image
dancing, gif, and sexy image

that time he did THAT

art, asian, and abs image


gif, jin, and shook image

jimin the koala

asian, kook, and jk image
gif, koala bear, and squishy image

my hearteu

gif, bts, and kpop gifs image
gif, bts, and park jimin image
gif, pretty, and bts image
gif, maknae, and bts image

my fav of him

gif, jimin, and bts image


well that was it! I hope all of you guys enjoyed this collection of our lil jiminie and I should be posting some more of the other boys. I hope you have a wonderful day and stay happy and healthy! Love you my lovelies. Stay beautiful. Stay majestic. xoxo 💋 -@dinple

gif, heart, and kpop image

💁‍♀️warning: self promotion here

gif and park jimin image

okay, love you.