Hello fellow hearters! @Whispiral is here with an idea for a challenge because they have been very fun to do!

Chances are i will be the only one doing this challenge but it'd still be fun creating this challenge!

Its easy to join! Just put #FilterChallenge as your title or as a tag and filter/edit 4 different images to make any vibe come strong through your image!

Filter examples:

  • A vogue (dark urban) vibe
  • A rose gold tint/filter
  • pale blue filter
  • a rich blue filter
  • a while faded filter

or any other filter you can think of!

Lets start!


Presenting @Whispiral's #FilterChallenge!

city, travel, and building image Greece, travel, and white image girl, summer, and beach image Image removed

Top left was filtered by me from long ago
Top right was filtered by me a few days ago
Bottom left was filtered by me a few minutes ago (XD)
Bottom right is a disappointment the only filtering i did was a slight tint of more red in hue. sob i know.


Hope you guys feel encouraged to do this challenge for yourself! Even if you can't Photoshop or anything just give it an attempt with some app like 'over' or something!

I tag these following lovely people for the challenge:

m i c h e l
m i c h e l
( bel )
( bel )

And anyone else interested! (do tag me so i can see your article!)