So sore. So so so so SO sore. But I'm so happy. I had to take a bit of a rest day today for a couple of reasons. First, the ab yoga workout I did yesterday made my whole waist sore so even laughing hurt hah. My arms and chest were also slightly sore from all the painting plus yoga I've been doing this week. The bad news is I hurt my arm. I think it's probably a pinched nerve in my neck because if I put too much weight on my left elbow or wrist it hurts. Or if I bend my arm back so I had to take yoga easy this morning too. But I still ate pretty well despite not doing much activity. I did have a bit of a slip up thought I guess. You see I got up really early for yoga so my mom could join me before she went to work and we had breakfast together. But since I am on Spring Break and don't have work or school I went back to bed. When I woke up a few hours later I stood up and felt lightheaded. I think because I had jumpstarted my metabolism in the morning but then slept for like 5 hours more without eating so my body thought I was starving. I knew I wasn't dehydrated because I drank more than enough water yesterday and I drank 2 and half cups before I went back to bed so the metabolism thing is my best guess. Anyway I love the feeling of being sore. It's like having the endorphins of exercising but the day after.