i’m gonna start a challenge by @dontbuymeflowers_ where for 14 days i will write letters to different people. maybe this way i can put what i feel out.

day one: my best friend

3 years ago you came into my life, we got involved in a romantic relationship that was doomed to failure. at that time i did not understand why it did not work, but i understand now. you were always destined to be my light.

you are probably the best person i have ever met. you believe in me, you push me through, you take care of me. you brough to my life a whole new concept, you inspire me.
i am so grateful for all the times you have been there for me. you are my best friend, my lover and my soulmate.

you are the smartest, the coolest person. you are beautiful inside and out. our friendship is so unique, we live on our own universe. i feel so safe when i am around you. i'm so sorry that we can't be together right now. even though we're apart, in my heart it will always be you and me.