Hello Beloved Hearters! How are you? I hope you are fine. So, my friends, I will write my name in cities that I would love to be, so here we go. I think this is super funny, but let's start

J: Jerusalem

dome of the rock, القدس, and مسجد_قبة_الصخرة image Jerusalem, city, and palestine image
I wish to know the Holy Land, it would be a nice experience of life to me

O: Oslo

capital, life, and beautiful image city, light, and street image
One of my dreams is to see the fjords closely, not only on Oslo, but on the whole Norway!

A: Amsterdam

Temporarily removed light, city, and amsterdam image
Amsterdam certainly is one of my city goals, a historic city

O: Orlando

florida, summer, and holidays image disney, castle, and disneyland image
Orlando is a famous landmark on Florida, very people wanna know this world of fantasy

P: Paris

amazing, beauty, and life image Temporarily removed
Go to Paris is a life goal to a lot of people, it is a life goal to me too. This city is simply magnificent

E: Edinburgh

street, scotland, and city image city, place, and travel image
I wish I can feel the Scottish cold air on my face while I walk in the streets of Edinburgh

D: Dublin

dublin image dublin image
I always loved Ireland, so this city means too much to me, even if I did not know it yet, but I will!

R: Rome

adventure, italy, and travel image rome, italy, and travel image
Rome, great part of the story of Western civilization is located in this amazing city

O: Ottawa

Image by Princess Night canada, ontario, and ottawa image
The capital of a snowy kingdom that I love, the paradise to those ones who love the winter

So, this is my name in cities. My name is João Pedro, if you could not discover it. This name is a Portuguese variation of John Peter. Bye, everyone, hope you enjoy this article!