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New Senshi Generation
Chapter 7 -
The origins of Berylia

As the disguised dark Queen danced with various partners a great deal of the night, it was the first time in many years that she had genuine fun and was surprisingly happy. Then, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion entered the dance floor for the closing ceremony. After their dance, Berylia went to see the royal couple and asked to dance with the King.

As they began to dance, the king felt a familiar energy coming from the young woman. But for some reason he didn't seem to remember where from. He looked at her and asked for her name. She looked at him, with a devilish smirk.
« My name you ask? But you should already know it, since you were the one that gave it to me, father… » then Endymion lets go of her hand with a swift move of his wrist.
« Wipe that smile off your face, it doesn't suit you that well. » as Endymion looks at her like if he knew too well who she was.
« Come on father, don't you want to know what your darling daughter has been up too all of these years? » as she looked at him with an innocent look on her face.
« I am not interested. Just go back to wherever you came from, peacefully. »
« Come now father, it's not in my genes to just give up. I have you to thank for that. »

Then Neo Queen Serenity walks towards them, since she noticed they weren't dancing anymore. She asked Endymion who was this charming young lady, because he seemed to know who she was. Endymion seemed embarassed to tell her, but Berylia just teased him to tell her, just to see the face that Serenity would make knowing the truth. When Endymion told her that she was Berylia, his daughter, she wondered how and when.

« When I got brainwashed by Queen Beryl, she made her way with me in everyway she wanted. She thaught I didn't remember anything she made me do, but she was dead wrong. And from that affair, thus Berylia was born. » as Endymion explained while shivers went down his spin while he recalled those dredfull memories of that night.

Serenity was shocked that infidelity would come from him. But one important fact escaped from that story. If Endymion was under her control for only a few months(about 3 or 4) how did she come to deliver a child. She would have died within Beryl's woom by the light of the Emperial Silver Crystal.

« Let me explain that for you in lamer words so you can understand … »
« Hey… »
« Sorry… Not. That may be true, I would of surely died in her. But my mother was very wise in her demensia. She knew that the forces of light were growing dangerously close to bring her kingdom down, even if Metallia assured her of victory. So she went to Metallia and make a deal with her. She asked Metallia for a way to make the child of Endymion grow faster so I could be born and avenge her if she ever did loose against Sailor Moon, who happens to be you. Metallia worn Beryl that it would require a great deal of energy. Beryl understood and prepared the right amount of energy for my birth. »

Serenity wondered who took care of a small child in a dark world like the Negaverse. Beryla detected sympathy from her, but wasn't phased by her concern.
« Well, such a child should be raised alone. »
« Questions, questions, questions. That's all you do, don't you? She called upon the remaining followers that you didn't destroy. They were young and unexperienced, but they were all that was left. Pyrolia used to tell me that she was smiling as she left me with them to go fight Sailor Moon. She told me it was the most beautiful smile she saw coming from QueenBeryl. »
« Maybe she was right… » as Serenity looked happy for Berylia.
« No. Pyrolia was 15 years old when she and the others raised me. Mostly Pyrolia, but they were blinded by Earthlings emotions. But I corrected those emotions over the years. They even dressed like pathetic school girls. Generals have a significent dress code. »

At the other side of the dance floor, the girls wondered what was happening. They were too far away to understand the converstation. Plus they didn't know where Usagi was at.
« I smell trouble… » as Katrina was searching for Usagi's energy.
« Hey Katrina, what does trouble smell like? » asks Madrina.
« Come on Madrina, stop acting like a dumb blond. » Shinta facepalmed
« Hey, who's acting? I wanna know what trouble smells like » then they all facepalmed.

Usagi came running towards the girls and asked who the strange girl was with her folks. But nobody knew. Suddenly, the girl was preparing to attack the Queen. So, the girls knew it was time to transform. They found a discrete place, away from the eyes of the people and transformed.
« Come on girls, we've got to protect the King and Queen! »
« Right! » in unisson.

Back to Serenity a little while before the girls tranformed. Berylia looked at Serenity and was really enjoying herself.
« Well, how does it feel to have your lover to have a « thing » for you worst enemy? »

Serenity wasn't mad at all against the young woman. She knew she didn't ask to be born this was. Her mother was the one at fault. She told her to stop this path she was on, because she was only hurting herself in the process. But Berylia just laughed. She wondered if Serenity was trying to make her feel bad for what she was doing, but she told her that she felt nothing. But Serenity told her that everybody feels something, even if it's hate for another. Just then, Sailor Moon arrived on the scene and surrounded Berylia.

« Are they alright Sailor Moon, Are the King and Queen alright? » asks Jupiter.
« What's this Serenity? You're sending in your little squad against me? »
« Yeah, they're fine… » ignoring Berylia.

Serenity warns Sailor Moon to back away from her. But she asks her mother why, since they had her surrounded. Serenity asked her to be quiet not to give away her identity and then asked her once more to back away and let them talk.

« Well, that's interesting. If it isn't my sweet little half-sister Usagi-chan. I would have never guessed you were the one messing up my plans. »
« Don't take for a fool. As if my fater would ever cheat on my mother. They love eachother too much for that to ever happen. They would never cause eachother such grief. Your story has no sense and come out of your imagination. Give me a break. Even I can't come up with such a crappy headline. » then she ignores her and walks away.
« NOBODY IGNORES QUEEN BERYLIA… » as she blast Sailor Moon. « Remember, I am Queen and everybody must obey me. And I say nobody leaves without a hall pass. »

Then Sailor Venus catches Sailor moon before she crashes into the nearby wall behind them. She asks her if she was okay. Sailor moon confirms and then asks where she found such great reflexes. She answers that she had vicious training from her father on Venus. Serenity watched as Berylia attacks the Sailor Senshis and knew that it just had to stop.

« Nobody does that to me and walks out alive. Even if you claim to be who you think you are, you're going to be Moon Dust in a few minutes. »
« I will not be treathened by an immature little girl like you. Now let me reveal my true self. » as Berylia regained her real form. « My name is Berylia, Queen of the Underworld! »