When Usagi got back from that nice trip at the hot springs with ChibiChibi, she met up with the girls at the tea house and were talking about one of the more important events in every highschool girls ... Prom Shinta looked at Usagi and asked if she went to shop for the dress. But she was rambling, so didn't hear her. Madrina replied that she went to look with her mother, but nothing was quite right for her. Usagi was rambling still and then all we heard from her was THE DRESS.
- OMG... I totally forgot about the dress ... It's the most important thing about prom and I forgot about the dress. I'm a total failure. " as she grabbed her pigtails and pulling hard on it.
- Hey... Don't worry about it Usagi. We'll all go shopping with you. We still haven't found the right dress either. " as Amari hugged her friend.

Usagi's eyes were filled with tears for having crying before and thanked her friends for being there for her in time of need. The girls looked at eachother and saw they all had their mother's major credit card, just for that exception.
- CHARGE IT !!! " as the girls all laughed together.

At the store, the girls were parading in a few dresses that they picked off the " top sellers " racks. But none of them were to the girls's demands. Usagi's first try was a a long red dress with a very wide "v" collar. But a bit too revealing even for her. Amari's try was a long brasilian style dress. But it was a bit too long for her. She wanted something shorter. Katrina got out with a dark red goth style dress and a black belt with a bright red bow . Still, it wasn't to her liking. When Shinta came out, the girls all laughed. They all said it was like she was dressed like a disney princess. She went back in the dressing room running to take it off.

- What are we gonna do, the prom is next week? " as Madrina puts the last dress on the rack.
- Hey wait... What about these? " as Shinta points to the new design's tray.

The girls each grabbed one and went changing.

- These ... are ... Perfect ! " as Madrina came out admiring herself in the mirror.
- I just hope my father won't flip out ... He just hates it when I wear a short dress." as Amari twirls in front of the mirror.
- Yeah, I know what you mean. Mine really blows his top when he's mad at me. " as Shinta brushed her hair with her hands.
- Excuse me sir, can you please tell us who is the designer for these masterpieces?" asks Katrina to the store manager.
- The designer is very new and young but if you are really interested, her name is YoukaiYume. A very talented young woman. "

The girls all agreed with the manager as they all admired the new dresses. Amari turns to try to find Usagi. But Madrina told her that she hadn't come out of the dressing room yet. Just then, Usagi came out with the dress. She wondered if it was a bit too much, but the girls all had their mouth open as they were all in shock to how she was beautiful.
- What...? I knew it, it's too much." as she turned around to go change.
- No it's perfect. Don't change. It's really worth the beautiful princess that you are." says Shinta stopping her.
- If that Helios guy doesn't fall for you in that dress, he's gotta be blind." added Madrina.
- So, you really think that he'll like it? "
- Absolutely!!! " as her blue haired friend reassured her.
- Thank you guys. I wouldn't have found this amazing dress without you. I would have had a panic attack by now if it weren't for you." as she hugged her friends.

The next day, Katrina had invited the girls at Millenium Mountains, cuz she didn't want to be alone to work on her chorses. Then Katrina looks at Usagi as if she knew something important that Usagi didn't want to mention to the others. Usagi asks why she stared at her like that. Katrina answers that she knew that Usagi was hiding the fact that she already had found her prince for prom night.
- What are you talking about?" as she acted all innocent, trying to hide what she was talking about.
- Do you remember that in my family, we make it our life's work to know things."
- Still don't know what you're talking about...."
- You know... That handsome man called Helios.... "
- Bla ... Bla ... Bla ... Bla ... Bla ... Bla ... " as Usagi tried to burry Katrina's voice over with her ranting.
- Oh well, never mind then. I just hope that we'll find our princes charming. I've heard that the son's of the famous "Three Star Lights" will be singing at the prom...."

Usagi already knew about it, because they were landing soon and the Moon family is supposed to greet them and have a grand banquet in their honnor tonight. So since she knew her friends were the greatest fans of them that she knew, the inner circle and their daughters were invited to that banquet. So just as Katrina was lost in thaught, drooling over one of them, Usagi hands out the invitations. Katrina finally snaps out of it and lashes out at Usagi.
- You knew they were coming and didn't tell us.... " as Katrina rushed in the bathroom throwing her robe out the door.
- What's the big deal, they are just normal persons? " as Usagi got the robe straight on her head.
- I've got to hurry and get myself ready for tonight's reception..." as she pushed Usagi out the house in her bathrobe.

Elsewhere, Helios had requested an audience with his master, the king.
- Excuse me my lord. I would like to have a word with you if it's possible? " Helios's voice worried the king.

Endymion was worried that he might be having troubles with his new life. But Helios assured him that everything was going great, except for one thing. He was confused about the school's event called the prom. He wanted to invite Usagi to go with him, but he knew nothing about it. So he asked the king advice on the subject. The king smiled as he knew that for a teenage girl, it was the most important event there was at school. And especially, it was all about the dress. So his outfit just had to match her dress. Helios looked a little less confused.
- I speak from experience with our dear Queen. Still thinking about it, my head still hurts. " as he rubbed the place that Serenity had hit when he showed up with a pink tuxedo.

Moments later, Serenity walks on the two unsuspecting men who were deep in thaughts. She asked if everything was okay. And the king assured her that it was a simple matter of the prom. She told Helios as she grabbed him by the turtleneck... That his tuxedo had to match her dress. Helios was now even more stressed, but the queen calmed down as she told him that she had a soft pink dress, so he could get a soft blue tuxedo and everthing would be okay. Then, the poor guys bows and leaves the monarchs.
- If he only knew..." as Serenity smiles
- Yeah... She got so many white horses posters in her bed chambers..." as the king added.
- She truely has found Love..."
- Our little girl is all grown up, isn't she?"
- Yes... I know." Serenity ended with tears in her eyes.

In the kingdom of Queen Berylia, words came to her about the prom and then, she was determined to go, at any costs. She wanted Neo Queen Serenity to pay for destroying her mother and stealing her father away from her. She then called forth her faithfull general Pyrolia.
- You will go and get me some gowns that are fit for a queen... " ordered Berylia.
- Your majesty? " Pyrolia was confused to her queen's desires.
- NOW !!! " barked the queen
- Yes, majesty." as she went to satisfy her queen's demands. " Sheesh! What's with her lately. She's obsessed with some kids and now this? I just hope she won't ask me to wear them..."

Pyrolia returned with some of the most beautiful dresses from the known world. She was about to take her leave when Berylia ordered her to stay. She asked her to parade in each of them so she could then choose one. Pyrolia hesitated, but Berylia insisted.
Pyrolia just hated wearing a dress, but to save herself from the queen's wrath, she did as she was told. The first one was a light blue and darkish beige dress. The queen requested the next one and laughed as she told Pyrolia that it was a way for her to show her feminine side.
- Excuse my rudeness my Queen, but I'm a general and not a barbie."
- Next one. "
- How about this one majesty?" as she showed a dark red and purple venusian style dress.
- Not quite right. Do you have something that just screams " Look at me" asks the queen.
- This one actually looks like your actual gown, just that he colors are diffrent."
- Hate it... Wait, what's this one?" as she looks at a pale blue gown with silver sparkles all over it."
- It must have been mixted with those I have chosed for you. Let me get rid of it for you." as she was about to lite fire under it.
- No, it's perfect. " as she danced around with it.
thinks It's official, she's lost it.
- I'll wear the traditionnal hair style of my father's side of the family and turn my hair color. Nobody's gonna know what's going on until it's too late. Prepare yourself women of the Moon, because Berylia is coming... " as she laughed her evil laugh in the mirror.

Back at the palace, the girls were about to head out the door for prom, but stopped to see their fathers to show them their pretty gowns. Shinta asked how they looked and Amari suggested that they were going to be the prettiest princesses at the reception. Madrina bragged that she was going to start a new fashion next year at Crytal Tokyo University. Then Katrina agreed. The girls were waiting for their fathers to tell them that they were beautiul, but their reaction left them speachless.
- Those dresses are WAY too short for you to even go out side." says Zoisite
- You'd better rethink your decision right now Shinta..." replies Nephlite.
- Madrina, why are you dressed like that? " as Malachite stares her down.
- Go change immediatly Katrina. Boys might think you are a stripper." add Jedite thinking she was wearing skippy clothes.

At that immediate time, the inner guardians walked in the main halls to find the girls being punished by their fathers. Jupiter walked up to Nephlite and whispered in his ear, knowing it was his soft spot.
- Nephy, sweetheart ?" knowing that the last time she called him sweetheart, he had lightning bolts for dinner, he answered tenderly to his darling wife.
- Yes Jupiter, dear? What can I do for the woman I love the most...?
- Sucking up won't help you this time. Do you remember what happened last time you made her cry?" as Jupiter gave him the look.
- Have fun at the prom Shinta." as Nephlite submitted to his strong willed wife. "Forgetting something dear?" then Shinta ran to her father and kissed his cheek

- Zoi, you should let her be. First of all, her dress is very pretty and anyways, prom comes only once in every teenage girl's life." as Lady Mercury asks softly to Zoisite.
- Sure... How could even debate with the smartest woman in the entire solar system? Oh... And Amari..."
- Yes Daddy?" as she turned to face her father.
- You look very pretty honey."
- Thank you daddy." as she hugged her father and left for prom.

- Jed... Did you just ask Katrina to go change." said Lady Mars as she lite a small fire ball with her finger.
think Gotta think fast... The girl can cook my ass for breakfast. " No dear."
- Thaught so and don't "dear" me. "
- Have fun Katrina, can't wait to hear all about it tonight when you get back." as he kissed her forehead before she headed out the door.

- Malachite, I'm the one who told Madrina it was okay for her to wear it. Are you going to make me a liar?" as Lady Venus stood in front of him, standing her ground.
- No sweetheart ... It's fine, she can go." thinks I knew there was a reason why I married her... She's got spunk for the Goddes of Love.

Arriving at the school, the auditorium was sworming with loyal fans. Then a strong voice introduced the Three Star Lights.
Here to perform at the 2011 Crystal Tokyo HighSchool Prom, the Three Star Lights are going to sing their famous song "With a Sailor Yell" So please welcome to the stage... Akio ... Then put your hands together for Mitsuko... And finally, all the young girl's favorite... Yuko. Give it all for the Three Star Lights...

Hearing the boys sing, all of the girls were screaming like fangirls...
- Don't you just love the sound of their voices? " as Katrina was mesmorized by their voices.
- Yeah... Makes you just wanna melt..." as Madrina added
- So handsome." Shinta replied
- What do you think Usagi?" as Amari asked
- Hey... Has anybody seen Usagi? asked Katrina
- I think she arrived earlier so she could find her cutie guy Helios... " said Shinta

On the dance floor, in the main hallway, everybody was dancing. Except for Usagi. She thaught, being the Moon Princess, princes would rush to ask her to dance, but no luck, nobody asked her. But suddenly he had heared the strong voice of a man. As she lifted her head to see who it could be, she say the Silver Masked Tuxedo. At first, she couldn't believe her own two eyes. But then, she saw him reach out his hand asking her to dance with him. Then, as she started to dance with him, her head wandered elsewhere. She felt terribly guilty. She had promised herself to Helios for prom night. But in some strange reason, she also felt at ease dancing with the Silver masked man. As the dance ended, the Silver Masked man bowed to the princess and thanked her for the dance. Then he took her hand and retreated to the balcony and asked her a very personal question.
- I would like to embrasse the most beautiful princess here with me?" as he leaned close to her.
- I am sorry, but my heart already belongs to someone else. He doesn't know yet,but I care a great deal for him." as she held her hand in front of him to stop him from kissing her.
- He is a very lucky prince then." as he stood up and kissed her hand instead.
- If only he was a prince.. " as she walked away from him.

Then, the three men were heading from the back stage of to auditorium to the main dance halls. Akio, with his cold attitude asked Yuko why they were there. And Mitsuko replied the same. They wanted to know why they had to perform for a bunch of school kids. And with his nose in the air, Yuko answered that if they didn't do this, their mother would dishenrit them from their future on Kinmoku.
- Seiya can be scary sometimes... No wonder she's called Star Fighter." said Mitsuko.
- I wanna get off this rock as soon as possible." says Yuko just before he notices Lady Serenity. " Who is that?" as he points her.
- That's the Queen's daughter... And you know what Fighter said before we left. She told you to stay away from the Moon family. Even if I don't get why." adds Mitsuko

  • Yuko's talk with Fighter *

Yuko approached Usagi, like he usually does with every girl he likes. He took Usagi's hand and kissed it. Then he came up with some lame line he usually says to a girl when he drags her on.
- Hey there Hot stuff... What's your name?"
- I am Lady Serenity." as she stood there without even taking a look at Yuko.
- No, I meant your true name." as he continues his ranting.
- Usagi Tsukino."
- And I am ... " Yuko started
- I very well know who you are. You are Yuko, Sailor Star Fighter's son." answers Usagi with a big smile on her face.
- Well, aren't you a smart little princess?!"

Akio and Mitsuko were embarassed by Yuko's ways on young princesses. They both hoped that Usagi would see his playing ways on her. But they also knew that no princesses ever could resist Yuko. They thaught that his charms resided in his wavy blond hair. But in the end, Yuko always ended up with a slap on the face.

Usagi was boiling in rage inside, but kept her calm stance. She told the irritating man that he should wander around and tell sweet nothings to innocent princesses, just because he is an idol and thinks he can have any girl he wants. then, she simply walks away. Seeing her walk away, Helios comes towards Yuko and tells him that it's very rude to make a move on another man's girl. And warns him to stay away from Lady Serenity if he knew what was good for his health. Yuko walks away telling he didn't care about immature princesses anyways. That he could have any girl he wanted back on his home planet.
- We'd better leave, before you get us in more trouble than we already are..." as Mitsuko grabs Yuko's arm.
- I'm already sick of this place. Let's get out of here and go where we are really wanted... " as Yuko shrugs him off.
- Fighter's not gonna be too happy when she hears about what you've done... Again. " added Akio.

Usagi had returned to see Helios had chased away the ill mattered idol. She asked him how he got him to leave her alone. Once again, she looked at him with eyes that were filled with such warmth. He could only try to resist her. He answered her that he was simply not wanted and it was preferable for him to leave.
- Come on, Helios. With the face he had made while leaving, it couldn't have been just that..." as she questionned his answer to her.
- I told him that her shouldn't get too close to the lady I admire and care for greatly. " as his face turned to a bright shade of red.
- Oh Helios... I waited so long for you to say that. I was scared that if I had told you first my own feelings towards you, you'd have rejected me." as she jumped into his arms.
- How could I ever reject the most beautiful princess I had ever met? " thinks I wish I would have confessed my love to her before, if I knew how she felt about me.

Usagi was standing so very close to him now, she could feel his warm breath on her face. And his love for her was so strong. He lost himself everytime he stared into those beautiful ruby eyes of hers. They were about to share a passionate kiss together, when suddenly, the doors crashed open to reveal a beautiful woman who's beauty rivaled Lady Serenity's own.
- Hi there... I hope I'm not too late for the party. My name is Berylia and I want to dance. Will somebody be my partner?"

Many started to gatther around her and were amazed by her beauty. Some even said she looked like a Queen. Many wondered where she came from. But all wanted to dance with her.