It was a peaceful day in the mountains as the royal moon family took a day off, relaxing in the hot springs. But a pretty young red haired had tagged along. Serenity had invited ChibiChibi to go with them as a special permission from Galaxis for the day. Usagi was enjoying the scenary and thaught it was really beautiful and full of tranquility. Serenity added that she once came to this place before the change of Crystal Tokyo with mother Ikouko. Endymion was enjoying the hot springs and relaxed peacefully beside Serenity. Then, with a grin accross her face, Serenity told what had happended when she came here last time.
- There was a time when your father had lost his mind." looking at Endymion smiling.
- You know very well, that wasn't my fault."

Changing the subject, Serenity looked at ChibiChibi and asked if she was afraid to come in the water. She clenched the towel and just enswered that the water looked funny and smelled like freaky eggs. Usagi, laughing, came from behind her and pushed her in. Serenity warned the girls not to fight, that it was a peacefull place. But Endymion just asked Serenity to let the girls be, since they were kids after all. Usagi was pushing ChibiChibi in the water, so she could have a good dose of it, but ChibiChibi turned around and stole Usagi's towel.

- Hey give it back, I'm not kidding."
- I thaught you liked this game Usagi-chan?"
- Not funny." as she kept low in the water, trying to catch up to ChibiChibi. " Give me back my towel, I didn't steal yours. "
- Okay, here." as she tossed her back the towel.

ChibiChibi looked down from the cliff where they were and saw amazing white horses. Usagi came side of her and saw them too. She aggred then, for s quick second, she thaught she had saw Pegasus. She grabbed a bathrobe and ran as quick as she could. ChibiChibi thaught she was strange before, but now, even more than usual.

When Usagi got to where the horses were kept, she looked hard to see if Pegasus was there, but wasn't. She truely believed she was loosing it. She thaught she was starting to act like her mother once did before, seeing things that aren't truely there.
- Usagi, where are you? " as Serenity called out for her.
- Mommy? "
- Oh there you are. Are you okay sweetie? You ran off so quickly, we wondered where you went." then Serenity notices the horses. " You miss him don't you? "
- Mama, I think I'm going crazy, I'm starting to see him everywhere I go?"

Serenity took Usagi in her arms and told her that she was the best thing that had happened in her life since. Usagi hugged her back and said the same.
- Listen Usagi. You are a growing woman and when you meet your prince charming, you will know right away. Just like me and your father. Believe me, Love can cross the boundries of time and reach one's heart. And by that flustered reaction you are having right now, I think you already have those feelings. So who is the lucky prince?"
- Mama, don't say those kinds of things, it's embarassing."

Usagi and Serenity were walking by the lake and Serenity asked her to try to get along with ChibiChibi while she was with them. She didn't like to see discorde between the girls. Usagi said that she would try the best she could. Serenity gave her a look as she mentionned her name "ChibUsa"
- Mama, you know I hate that name, I'm not a child anymore. Okay, I promise, I'll be nicer to ChibiChibi. She's just weird the way she talks."

Just then, Usagi heard ChibiChibi call out for her. She sounded worried for her. She said out loud that she was sorry for lashing out at Usagi earlier. That she didn't mean to be rude and steal her towel at the hot spring. Usagi popped out from behind ChibiChibi and said that saying you're sorry is always a good sign of true friendship and appologized in her turn.
ChibiChibi turned to look at Serenity and Endymion and thanked them for a really nice day. Serenity smiled at her and wished her a nice trip back to Galaxia and asked to give her regards to Galaxia. Endymion looked at the little girl and asked for her to come at the palace anytime she wanted to.
She was about to leave when Usagi grabbed her hand. She hugged her and told her that she would share her room with her anytime.
- Be good with Galaxia, I've heard she has got some harsh temper." as she tapped ChibiChibi's head.
- Don't worry about me. She's got the kindest heart I've seen since your mother has clensed her. And I hope you're serious, cuz I'll take you on that offer to share your room." as she giggled.

ChibiChibi transformed and grew wings to return to the planet where Galaxia was. Usagi thaught she was really pretty and then wished her a safe trip.

- Goodbye everybody and we'll see eachother real soon. " Then she was gone.