• at school *

Helios came towards Usagi and called her out.
- Hey ChibiUsa, how's it been?"

Feeling embarassed as the other kids looked at Usagi after hearing how Helios had called her. He wondered what he had said wrong. She looked at him and told him that she hadn't been called ChibiUsa for many years. That she decided to be called Usagi since she had gained her mature body. Helios then appologized and headed to the next class as the school bell rang. When he was out of sight, Amari came to ask who that guy was. If he was Usagi's boyfriend. It took her a while before answering her question, since she was amazed to see him there. Then, she turned to Amari to say that he was just a friend, even if she had wanted much more, many years ago. Haruna looked at the girls and screamed at them to return to class. The girls came running. "Sorry sensei." As the girls took their seat.

  • In Berylia's kingdom *

Pyrolia had used one of her minions to follow secretly Lady Serenity for her queen. As she entered the room, Pyrolia ordered her to show the queen what she had discovered. Showing a picture of Lady Serenity smiling happily, Berylia was boiling.
- How dare she? She has no right. She is laughing at the fact that she will rule this planet in my place. I will have what is rightfully mine in the first place. No moon brat shall take the throne of the Earth. I will make her kneel before me in chains." as Berylia grinned her teeths.

Pyrolia looked at Berylia with a worried look and asked if she was still needed. Berylia shoock her head and waved her to go away. Then, Pyrolia left.

At the other side of town, Madrina was about to leave the movie studio after a long day. Suddenly, she heard some screams coming from the parking lot. She quickly transformed into Sailor Venus and ran to try and help. When she got there, a gargoyle-like monster was sucking up the energy of the other actors from the movie set.

- In the name of Venus, unhand those poor victims or else... "
- Oh... I love options." as the monster came flying towards Venus.
- You think you can scare me. I am the General of the inner circle, Sailor Venus. And in the name of justice, I will punish you."
- Nobody will get in the way of the great Queen of the Underworld. Now, bow and serve her purpose or die." then the monster transformend her arm into a blade and ran towards Venus.

Usagi was heading to the movie set after school to try to convince Madrina to be part of their senshi team, when she heard a clash of fist fight coming from the halley behind the movie studio. She went to see who or what it could be and then she saw Sailor Venus faced with a monster. Usagi then transformed and came to Venus's help. Venus turned to see her and told her in an angry tone, that she didn't require anybody's help.
- I told you before to stay out of my way. You might be Lady Serenity of Crystal Tokyo, but you are no fighter.... Now, leave."

While Venus was arguying with Sailor Moon, the monster attacked Venus. She had used her tail to hold her hands and strike her down. Sailor Moon told Venus not to worry, that she would help her. She threw her tiara at the monster who released Venus.
- Lady Serenity, you saved me, thank you. How can I repay that? " as she fell into Sailor Moon's arms.
- Just call me Sailor Moon and I'll forget about it. "
- We've got to get out of here and think of a way to defeat her. " as Venus got up.

The two sailor senshis had found an old abandonned warehouse where crops had been stored in for years. The girls needed to figure out a way to defeat the monster and there was no time to call upon the other girls. Suddenly, Sailor Moon started thinking and asked a few questions to Venus.
- Venus, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I've been meaning to ask you why you didn't want to join our team? We need you and your knowledge and battle skills. "
- Well, it's kinda my father's fault in a certain way... "

  • Flashback *
  • End of Flashback *

- But now that I think about it, I think father was wrong. I need help, I need friends. Mother was showing me that friends are a burden. They are an important part of a teenager's life. " as she smiles to Usagi.

Just then, the monster blasts the door open and finds the two girls. Tired of being chased like rats, Sailor Moon gets up and does her famous line against evil, but the monster wasn't impressed. She turned her arm into a blade and ran after Sailor Moon. Since the monster was very fast, she had a hard time to launch her attack against her.
- Venus Crescent Beam ... Smash!"
Looking at Venus, who smiled at Moon, she knew that she was ready to join Usagi's team. Then, Sailor moon threw her tiara at the monster and dusted her flat.

Usagi and Madrina were looking at the sunrise from the Crystal Tokyo docks. The colors of red and gold mixing together were a truely beautiful sight to see. Madrina's hair was blowing in the wind and she turned her back to Usagi and told in a peacefull tone.
- It's not that I don't want to join your team, because I realise now that my mother was right. I do need friends to carry out this mission against the upcoming evil rising from the depts of the Earth... but... but."
- I understand, you still need time to let this all sink in. I know the feeling. Well, keep in touch Madrina and remember that you can always count on us to help you in time of need."
- Thank you Usagi. I'll remember that." as Madrina walked away.

Forgot about the autographs, the girls will be mad when I'll see them today.