In Usagi's room

Usagi had invited Katrina to spend the night over and were watching their favorite anime ,Inuyasha, on tv. The girls were talking about how they loved their favorite characters from that anime.
- Inuyasha's the bomb, isn't he?" says Usagi
- If you're into that whole goodie guy "thing"? I'm more of a Sesshomaru kinda girl. "

The girls were squeeling like little fangirls when they saw their guy, until the commercial came on.

TV Announcer : Sailor V... The champion of justice. This new heroine is here. She fights against evil and takes a stand for the innocent. This movie comes soon to a theater near you. Stay tuned.

- Madrina is awesome, isn't she?"
- Yeah... I hope we get front row seats..." answers Usagi

That night, both girls had troubles getting to sleep. The next day, Shinta and Amari were on their way to meet up with Usagi and Katrina. And their conversation was quite intense. Amari was wondering if it was a good idea to accept her mother's decision for her to be the next Sailor Mercury. Shinta gave her the same speach that Usagi had given her, but with a smile. But then, she told her that she also refused her mother's decision. But Amari was surprised, that her, from the house of Jupiter, would refuse such a chance. But Shinta added that she hated the whole fighting "thing".

Berylia then ordered Cyrius to go to the high school where a bunch of kids were having some after school assignment. that they were the best prey to get for their mission. Just before Cyrius could leave, Berylia warned her that this was her final chance to prouve that she wasn't a failure to the mission.

- I shall not disappoint you mistress."
- I hope so for your sake. Because failure is not an option for you right now."
Cyrius payed her respect and vanished to go to her occupation.

Diana suddenly sprung in front of Shinta and Amari. She hurried them to the park because the enemy was on the attack. Usagi called the girls on the communication watch and told them that the enemy was kidnapping students in the school yard. Their decision was now final, they had to defend the innocent.
- Mercury Power, Make-up!
- Mars Power, Make-up!
- Jupiter Power, Make-up!
- I am Sailor Mercury, the senshi of wisdom. Surrender or feel the icy touch of the Blue Planet."
- I am Sailor Mars, the senshi of war. By the fires of Millenium Mountain, you will burn."
- I am Sailor Jupiter. In the name of the great God of Thunder, Zeus, I will send you back to where you came from."

Cyrius was laughing, knowing that these little girls wouldn't be able to hurt the great general of the Eastern gates of the Underworld. She was a little too confident and under estimating these girls. Then, seeing that the girls finally showed up, Usagi was releived, but wondered where Venus was. Mercury answered that she didn't want to come. And Jupiter replied that she said that they'd get in her way. "That's just great!" Usagi thaught. Pissed off that the girls were ignoring her, Cyrius launched an attack against the unsuspecting Sailor Moon. The girls warned her to watch out, but it was too late, Sailor Moon got blasted by Cyrius's attack. The girls tried to wake Sailor Moon up, but she was uncouncious. In a blinding fix of rage, Jupiter lashed out at Cyrius.
- I might not be a great fighter like my mother, but I will protect my friends no matter what... I will never let you hurt my friends ever again ... Jupiter's Thunder Crash ! ! !

Back in the Underworld, Cyrius was half beaten up by Jupiter's attack. She tried to plea for Berylia's mercy, but she showed none. With a swift motion of her hand, Berylia turned Cyrius to stone and with the other sent an energy blast to destroy it. Cyrius was no more.
- Let this be a warning to the others who return with failure. I will show no mercy to those who fail me."

Usagi jumped in Jupiter's arms and thanked her friend for saving her life, even if she did fall unconcious. The next day at school, Amari had Diana in her arms and asked Usagi if she had heard of the new student that just arrived in their school. She asked if she knew her name, but Amari answered that it was a guy. Miss Haruna ordered for everybody's attention.
- Usagi, I told everybody to stay quiet, that means you too."
- Yes mam... Sorry mam..."
- Now... We have a new student that just arrived to our school, his name is Helios. I hope everybody won't drool on him, because he's a cutie-pie... In other words, make him feel at home here in our class."

Usagi turned around as Haruna mentionned his name. She just couldn't believe her ears. Her face turned into a bright red color. Amari asked if she knew the guy and she just stared at him. Thinking that it felt like a life time ago that they last saw eachother. Amari waved her hand in front of Usagi's face and she just didn't flinch and inch. Old feelings rushed into her heart, she just had to know why he had returned.

Chapter's End