The next day at school, at reccess, Usagi was eating peacefully when Katrina came towards Usagi running. She sat down beside her and told her that there was a new celebrity in town. She was a beautiful warrior called Sailor Moon. Usagi was nervous, she was scared that she was found out. Her mind was racing, what would she tell her friend. But Katrina had only mentionned that she heard OF her and not seen her.

- Don't worry Usagi, nobody comes near your beauty." Usagi was relieved that her secret was still that, a secret.

Then Katrina continued by saying that their friend Madrina was starring in the next Sailor V. movie. Usagi got up, steamed that her friend didn't mention it sooner. Katrina told her that is was the reason why she tried to phone her the night before, but Usagi was too ill to come to the phone. Usagi apologized and then asked when the movie would come out. She asnwered that it would come out the following month and since the inner princesses are all friends to Madrina, they would all get all-access free pass and a free signed poster from Sailor V. Then Katrina said she had to go to the palace, her mother had called her for an important assignment.

- Try not to get lost like last time, okay?" as Usagi giggled at Katrina, since last time she accidently ended up at the library instead of the Mars War hall, where her mother trains the new cadets.

Later at lunch, Usagi usually meets up with Shinta, since like her mother, she always brings a large lunch box to share with her friends, but that time, Shinta didn't seem to have a big apetite. Usagi looked at her and asked what was going on.
- Well, it seems that I have an important mission on my hands now. And I hate it. Mother knows that I don't like all the fighting bisness and she got in my face about it. " as she showed Usagi the Jupiter transforming stick. You refuse to fight for peace in front of Zeus, God of Thunder... Now leave! I think mother is going a little overboard with this thing. She said I have to become the next generation of Sailor Jupiter, but I don't think I have it in me. What do you think Usagi?" as she asked her friend knowing that SHE was the new Sailor Moon.
- Let me just say this Shinta. When I was young, Sailor Moon was my hero and I was so glad to be able to train by her side. But when I was declared the NEW sailor Moon, I knew it was a heavy responsability. But remember, I am your friend and I will support your decision, whatever it might be." as she reassured her friend.
- Thank you Usagi. I think it was a great motivation speach. I will go back to see mother and apologize for my missbehavior and accept my duties as the new Sailor Jupiter. You are truely a good friend." Usagi smiled as she saw her friend off.

Arriving at the Palace in her mother's chambers, she was face to face with her. And in her hand, she held the Mars Transforming stick. Katrina thaught it was very beautiful. At first, she thaught is was a new kind of jewelry for the temple. But her mother told her it was her heritage. That she would become the next Sailor Mars. That it was now her time to take her duties as protector of Lady Serenity and this world, just like she once did. She asked her mother if such powers were made for her. Her mother, in a sweet reassuring voice, told her that she was heir to the throne of the Mars kingdom and that this role was a right of passage before her role as a true princess of the Fire Planet. Katrina held the transforming stick firmly and agreed with her mother, for once.

Amari got home early from school full of thaughts. Usually, the girls met up at the tea house by the Palace, but Amari was summoned by her mother's assistants for a special announcement. Her mother was at the main library and was waiting for her daughter.
- I wonder what mother would want, she never has time to meet with me at this time of the day, she's always busy searching for a cure for any kind of new desease. as she was thinking on her way to meet her mother.
- I have been waiting for you Amari, I have something really important to tell you."
- Mother, I am sure that whatever you have to tell me might be important, but I have my studies to get back to, so can it wait?" as she was about to head out the door.
- No, it cannot wait, now please, come back here and let me talk." as Lady Mercury was about to loose her patience.

Lady Mercury held out her hand, holding the Mercury Transforming stick.

- Amari, I know that you are a very bright and intelligent young lady and yet, you have an important mission to fufill. You have come to the age of your birthrights. As daughter of the Blue Planet, you have in your destiny to become fighter and protector of Lady Serenity and of this world as the new Sailor Mercury."
- This new duty of mine seems very time consuming. And my studies are going to be greatly interfered. So I must refuse. I wish to become a great doctor like you and grandmother."
- Listen Amari, you have to look at it this way. Have my duties to the Queen interfered to my dream of becoming a great doctor?" as she smiled tenderly to Amari. Then Amari took the stick and headed out the door.

In the Venusian main halls, screams were heard. Madrina and Lady Venus were arguing yet again.
- You want me to be part of a team, but you know that I've worked alone for so long. And I'm supposed to just comply because you order me to. I refuse." as Madrina was about to blow out steam out from her ears.
- What are you talking about Madrina, you refuse your duties to Lady Serenity and to this world who needs protection?"
- I will never refuse, because I will always protect life and the peace to this world. But I refuse to be part of a team with others that can slow me down." as Madrina stormed out of there.
Oh Madrina, you have a lot to learn about teamwork... as Lady Venus thaught seeing her daughter leave.

At the end of the day, Usagi was in her room thinking. She thaught that she might not be able to fight the new threat on her own. But mostly, wondered on who was that man that saved her the night before. She just had to find out who he was.

In Berylia's kingdom, seeing that Cyrius had failed in her mission, she wasn't too happy about that. She warned her that it was the last time that she would tolerate failure. That the next time, she would deal with those who failed her greatly.