She was a girl
Who lived at Cloud City,
Where everything’s still,
Where everything’s pretty.
Her adventures are told here,
So listen, my friend, to me,
For it won’t be lame,
But surely of good traste.

Her name was June,
And just like the Moon,
She came out at night,
So she would see no light.
Her parents didn’t know
That she wouldn’t come home
When with one bow
Mars seized her throat.

He took June to Earth,
With all of its man-affair
And she knew in her Heart
That she couldn’t go back.

They travelled through the World,
With Suffering leading the road,
And June knew in her heart
That she couldn’t come back.

Gin talked about slaves,
And Tha about disgrace,
For every Man battles,
Doesn’t matter he’s not brave.

“Let’s walk” said Mars,
“Let’s fly” said June,
“Let’s crawl” said Suffering,
And dreamers were born.
No Stars, no Sun,
But a bit of a cloud
And a little of Mars,
For June wanted to help
And she didn’t go back.