Let's get the obvious questions out of the way, this is about whatever you want it to be about. whoever, whatever, whenever. This is going to be cheesy and probably very dramatic but there wasn't a single thing ive written that hasn't been. Colors have always had a huge effect on me. Ever since I was a little girl, i associated almost everything with color. My dad always said that colors have a scientific meaning and what i was doing was completely incorrect, like for example doctors offices are usually blue and green for a sense of calmness while i paired blue with fear because i'm simply scared of the ocean. We make things our own on the way and that's why I'm here, you changed me completely.

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the day we met was red , we met I was doing something completely awkward and you didn't even mind it. That's when i knew you stepped into a big part of my life. Yet it still seems like red followed throughout our whole relationship It was the color of the flowers you got me, it was the color of lipstick on your sweater, it was the color of the first dress you saw me in. red was the way we would sneak out to walk around walmart for no reason, red was the rush in my heartbeat every time you intertwines your hands in mine.

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The next color that came in was orange. I hated orange, maybe from the day i was born but i never hated it on you. I would see you every day the sky was that burnt bright orange we both loved, and when i couldn't see around that time i sat outside because i know you were doing the same thing. Orange was the color of the fire when i wanted smores in the middle of summer, when it was humid and the worst weather to do a fire but we did it anyways. Orange was when i laid my head on your chest and i heard your heartbeat like it was the only thing that mattered, orange was the way i felt you stare when i pretended like i didn't notice. Still orange wasn't favorite but you made me like it because it reminded me of us.

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yellow, i always thought it was way too bright but i realized that wasn't a reason to hate it. I have the stars and the moon on my wall behind my headboard so it feels like i'm under the stars. When we laid in bed and it was too cold or maybe we were just to lazy to go outside, we would lay under the faded yellow stars and count them to pass time. Yellow was the color of that obnoxious hat you would wear when you were too tired to fix your hair, which is still on my dresser. Yellow was the way you held me, the way you made eye contact with me and didn't just see me but you saw my soul.

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green was the color of your blanket which i thought was incredibly weird until it just, wasn't. Green was the color of that button up you liked. Green was that one time we were driving around at night and you stopped and pulled into this parking lot so we could just talk about nothing. Green was the color of the grass we laid on when got locked out of my house and you didn't want to leave me alone.

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blue was the day you told me you loved me, not only that but i was the love of your life. It took me by surprise mostly because the first time you said you loved me was when you thought i was sleeping, we were both too tired to remember what else was said but i definitely didn't forget that. Blue was the color of the ocean when we spent that night at the beach spontaneously even though, we both hate the beach. Blue continued to be the way i felt when you said you loved me, like waved crashing onto the sand, scary but calming all at once.

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indigo a mix of colors which is what described us in the best way possible. Indigo was all the places and talk we had out of nowhere that we didn't expect at all but they all were the best ones. Indigo was the color of that shirt you gave me because when you saw it "it reminded you of me". Indigo was when i was upset but you knew exactly what to do to make it better. when i would hang up and you would call right back.

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violet, the color that reminds me of summed into one. violet was us dancing under the disco ball which was your kitchen lights. Violet was the way we would sit and listen to music together like we had all the time in the world. Violet was the color of my door that you would argue with me was purple.Violet was how you would reach for me in your sleep when i would move an inch. I know what you're thinking this relationship sounds too good to be true, because there was never any fights any doubts. Well these are the rainbow parts of the relationship after the storm. We are looking back at the storm of us and ignoring everything else but the red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet, all the good memories of us. We were a storm but now that it is over i now understand why my father stuck to his scientific descriptions and why we name storms after people.

[This poem was written by my cousin and I owe it all to her for this masterpiece. I had asked to put this on here because I think more people should read it so I hope you enjoyed!]