Hey Hearters !
It's about time to tell my journey getting to 1000 followers on We Heart It and how I came to find this app. Obviously, if it wasn't for my AMAZING FOLLOWERS this wouldn't be possible. My story starts off about 1 years ago I was scrolling down looking for an app that fits my preference. Then randomly, I saw this pink colored logo which stole my eyes (because at the time my favorite color was pink).

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I then read the reviews of the app and decided to download it. I started playing around with it and got so in to it day by day. Were becoming a big family since this year our family growth has been tremendous on December 31, 2017 I had 360 followers and then suddenly on Wednesday 14, 2018 I got 1000 followers. It's has been an Insane journey for me. It couldn't have been possible with my followers on WHI so THANK YOU SO MUCH

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My first heart of the image was on March, 4, of 2017
Kill them with kindness which is one of my favorite songs by Selena Gomez

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Through the one years of my journey I met inspiring people as the following, No ordinary girl, Alexm700, Natali and Candela. They're four people that deserves to be recognized on platform of WHI and our very kind ! Check out their WHI account and give them a follow...

No ordinary girl
No ordinary girl

Believe or not but this app became my life I WAS ADDICTED TO THIS APP UNTIL THIS DAY. SO this a screenshot before I got 1000 followers. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! If you want to get a surprise postcard make sure to hit the follow button (because I can't send postcards to people that don't follow me)

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A screenshot taken the night of Tuesday 13, 2018

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY ARTICLE ! Please don't hesitate to give personal feedback, compliments or even ideas for another article. I will do my best to make it happen, if possible ...

By: Iman Akram