it was only a moment. a split second. but in that minuscule, insignificant interval of time, it felt to me like every unspoken word was set free into the air between us. as i recall, you and i were surrounded by such a familiar, yet frightening chaos. trapped in a cloud of aimless thought. in the midst of it all, you turned around, and your eyes met mine. it seemed like our souls were reaching for each other, but couldn't quite touch. as i threw my thoughts into your warm, golden-brown eyes, it occurred to me that you might have felt it, too. maybe you longed for my laughter the way i did for yours. maybe you imagined our hands intertwined as often as i did. maybe, just maybe, i was the person your heart searched for in crowded rooms. part of me feared that you thought of me as nothing more than another girl, another empty face to pass by in the hallways. but that quiet voice was silenced, for i knew: moments like that don't happen by accident.