it was june
but it felt like school was out
it was a graduation party
i walked over to my friends
immediately i saw a boy i thought to my liking
but he was drinking beer
and wearing a hat with a beer brand on it
and soon i'd learn he was far from faithful
but i was having the best time of my life
i was taking shots
one after another
he was drunk and i was tipsy
and then we played cards against humanity
i found out his middle name
i found out that he plays guitar
i found out that he liked fireball
cinnamon whisky
but that's not what i'm gonna remember the most
i'll remember him calling me my dear
and i'll remember his bloodshot eyes,
wanting to get me a drink,
and i'll remember him inching ever close to me
and i ate something to get the taste
of alcohol out of my throat
and i wished i was tasting him
and i went home
stopped at a 7-11
swaying but they didn't notice
i was drunk on him and he was high on me

beer : carlsberg