Hello hearters! Recently, I began working out more frequently and whenever I workout I like to push myself as much as I can. Make sure you say hydrated, I usually like to have a water and a juice because sometimes my blood sugar gets low. I usually always eat a protein bar before I workout and afterwards I usually eat a fruit bowl (my fruit bowl is usually just strawberries, raspberries, and sometimes banana).

This part one of my workout. Entirely I have four parts of working out: AB workout, bum workout, leg workout, and yoga + meditating.

So let's get stated! (Duration: 11 minutes)

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➵Sit-Ups (1 Minute)

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➵Knee touch crunches (30 seconds)

For a knee touch crunch, you simple act as if your doing a sit up but don't raise up completely, just touch your knee.

➵Heel touches (30 seconds)

For heel touches you, you use your abs to rotate your body and touch your finger tips to your heels.

➵Bicycle Crunches (30 seconds)

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➵Reach through crunches (30 seconds)

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➵Legs up-crunches (30 seconds)

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➵Flutter kicks (30 seconds)

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➵Scissor kicks (30 seconds)

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➵Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

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➵Reverse Crunch (30 seconds)

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➵Hip thrusts (30 seconds)

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➵Leg raises (30 seconds)

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➵Sit Ups with Russian twists (30 seconds)

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➵Mermaid (30 seconds)

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➵Plank (1 minute)

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➵Right side plank (1 minute)

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➵Left side plank (1 minute)

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➵Plank twists (or as I call them - rainbows)(30 seconds)

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At first, I will admit, my own workout killed me but after looking up different things that could tone abs and testing them out to see if I liked them, this is my final list. Good luck working, and let me know if you try it for your critique on it.

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Thanks of reading! -𝒦𝒶𝒾𝓁𝓎𝓃𝓃