Sometimes it makes you go crazy. It can make you feel alone because you can not seem to find it anywhere. You search for it in many places and in many spaces. I bet you somehow found it in little things, maybe in music, maybe in the beautiful words written in books, in your passion, in your pet, in that sport you like a lot.

Love is everywhere and its wonderfall. But you know what? At this point in my life im starting to think about finding this love in a person. I mean, can you imagine seeing this person and having the same feeling you get when you listen to your favorite song, or when you are doing this thing that you really love? It's like having the sensation of being complemented.

I want a person who can be capable of seeing the beauty in everything. A person with whom i can share my life, my deepest secrets and my fears, my desire to live and make others live not just exist. I want to look at this person and think "Im so lucky". I also want to look at their imperfections and still think that at least for me, it's perfect.

Sometimes i am alone in a room, in a classroom or maybe in a restaurant. I see people pass and i wonder if one of this persons is THAT person. Like really, anyone out there could be what I'm looking for and luckily i could be the person they want.

I want to find this person, but in the meantime I want to prepare myself. I am trying to be the better version of myself (even with my flaws which clearly are all around). I share the idea that says: To start loving someone else start loving yourself.

I want to love myself, my whole self so i can love this person and the people around me with all my heart. I am not saying that I can't start doing it right now, I just think that is a path that takes time, effort and a lot of storms and right now i am ready for it.

However, I'm gonna be there. I hope finding the person that makes me wanna give it all, and i really hope you find it too.

NOTE: With this i am not saying that if you do not have a couple you are incomplete and i am not saying you have to be better just because of that person. Do it for you, the rest comes because of it. Also, I believe that other person can not complete us, but I believe it can complement us. ;)

Thank you for reading my article!